FIIB Alumnus – Mr. Ashish Agnihotri shows management students a way ahead
September 08, 2014

To make MBA students ready for a corporate career that lies ahead, FIIB conducted Industry Preparedness Session with the institute's alumnus Mr. Ashish Agnihotri (Class of 2009) on 8th September 2014 at the MBA campus. Agnihotri is currently working as Corporate Head - ARM Operations at Safexpress Pvt Ltd., New Delhi.

This interactive session enabled management students to get to know about various career options available in Operations Sector. This thoughtful and inspirational session enlightened students doing MBA on various important things to work on before getting ready for professional life.

The session started off at the college with the detailed introduction of Supply Chain Management, logistics handling and career options available in E-commerce. MBA students were quite excited to learn about various career opportunities they can explore after the completion of their course. Mr. Agnihotri further discussed about B2C in rural sector that is coming up with good opportunities for freshers.

Following are the key takeaways and discussion points from the session:

  1. Performance Matters – While focusing on importance of hard work, Mr. Agnihotri said that, in this competitive world it is very important to perform with full dedication and passion. With few years of hard work and dedication, one can reach great heights in his/her career.
  2. Look for opportunity – Mr. Agnihotri recalled a beautiful saying by Winston Churchill “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” He said, never be afraid of being failure, in fact learn from your mistakes and make sure you don’t repeat the same. He also insisted to take ownership and charge of your duties, which will help management students to grow as a successful leader.
  3. No emotions, no self-interests – During his talk, he mentioned that, as a professional you may face tough days and pleasant moments quite frequently. Never let your emotions drive you; one should always be working as a team member and support the organization.
  4. Keep yourself abreast with surroundings – Mr. Agnihotri mentioned that SCM is all about exchange of goods and services within country or outside country. In the process, you are expected to be aware of general economic situation like GDP growth, foreign policies and its activities currently taking place, inflation, happenings and trends in the current business scenario, etc. Make newspaper reading as your habit, not only to get an entry but also to grow in an organization. In addition, in SCM industry, every organization has its own policies and processes; it is important to adhere to all the listed policies of that organization.
  5. Keep an open mind – He suggested students pursuing MBA to keep an open mind and be open to other people ideas. Innovation is a key in every industry. For example in Supply Chain Management, organizations continuously strive for minimizing or reducing costs in warehousing, manufacturing, waste, etc. Any innovative idea in the context of product development, process improvement, etc. can be very useful in SCM industry.
  6. Points to remember Mr. Agnihotri encouraged MBA students to do thorough study of the organizations where students are applying to work. A detailed research of the company and profile will sufficient to convince the employer to hire you as an employee. He advised students to be ready with long term and short term plans.
This informal session with Mr. Agnihotri encouraged management students of the college to have an open discussion and ask questions regarding career, upcoming challenges and how to overcome those challenges. Mr. Agnihotri also shared his few memories with FIIB, which really excited the students. Students left the room with full determination and fortitude to follow the discussed success mantras.

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