FIIB ran for Road Safety in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon
November 23, 2014

Fortune Institute of International Business Delhi participated in the 7th edition of the most prestigious half marathon in the world i.e. Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on 23rd November 2014. Total of 43 people including faculty, staff and students of the institute, participated in Great Delhi Run category covering a distance of 6 Kms.

Last year, FIIB as a part of its “My Step Counts – Towards Becoming Extraordinary” initiative encouraged everyone to start healthy regime. But this year, the institute decided to dedicate this run to Vaibhav Chaudhary a college student, who they lost in a tragic road accident. Losing a bright and vibrant MBA student, a close friend, a prolific graffiti artist and a good human being was certainly heart breaking to the entire college. With an intention and focus to turn this tragedy towards a hope that the college doesn’t face this sad moment again, FIIB announced “Road Safety Campaign” in the month of September. The first activity under this campaign was Slogan Writing and Poster Making competition, wherein everyone was encouraged to participate and the best entries were displayed all around the MBA campus and got posted on other social media platforms.

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon gave FIIB Delhi, an opportunity to carry forward and continue this campaign on bigger scale, with a mindset to spread message around Road Safety and do its bit towards saving innocent lives. Slogans received from Slogan Writing Competition, were printed on T shirts and all the runners from the institute wore these T Shirts to spread the message. In addition, FIIBians were holding a banner exhibiting The 10 Commandments of Road Safety.

FIIBians proudly spread the Road Safety messages urging masses to follow road safety rules. Some of the messages were:

  • Safe Drive, arrive Alive
  • Drive like HELL and you are there!
  • “Rules are meant to be broken” sounds Cool, but not while Driving
  • Traffic Rule Broke = Family Broke
  • Speed THRILLS, but also KILLS!
  • While driving, Park your phone
  • Stop at Zebra Crossing, Pedestrians are human too!
  • Do Accelerate your Dreams, Don't Accelerate your Car
  • Car can be replaced, Life can’t I Pledge to Drive Safe
  • Drive Sanely, Reach Safely!
  • My friend changed the music TRACK, but ignored the TRUCK
  • Don’t fly only drive
  • Good drivers are aware to be beware
  • Best cars have air bags but no brains, so use your own to Be Safe!
  • Life is Beautiful, don’t risk it
  • Your car needs servicing, or it may catch fire! Your car needs replacement if it's older than your sire!
  • Rear view & side view mirrors are for viewing, Not for decoration!
  • Life is a Pleasure if Drive with Leisure
  • Drive Faster, invite Disaster!
  • Be alert on road today and you will be alive tomorrow
  • Fast & Furious was great movie But Don’t practice that on road
  • Drink and Drive You really planning for Suicide?
  • To show love, You hug them So why don't you use SEAT BELT on them then?
  • Is speed really worth the tears of your loved ones? Think!
  • First save your head then think of Hairstyle Wear Helmets!

After reaching the venue i.e. JLN Stadium in a bus arranged by the college; remembering Vaibhav and his family, Mr. Manish Kheterpal – Chairman- FIIB Delhi, asked everyone to observe 30 seconds silence for his soul. FIIBians witnessed individuals from all age groups, corporates and NGO’s participating and spreading various messages like save water, cleanliness, right to education, rights for people with special needs, etc with equal vigor & enthusiasm.

After completing the run in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes FIIBians boarded the bus and on their way back they discussed and shared experiences with each other.

Tired but still excited Samiksha Singla, 1st year management student said, “Though it is my exam tomorrow, but the initiative I ran for was worth keeping my studies aside for some time. Thank you FIIB for giving me this opportunity.”

Prof. Monica Mor expressed her feelings and said, “Almost every corporate present ran for a cause at ADHM. FIIBians ran for Road Safety with messages on their T-shirts. While I shed some calories, I hope people shed some of their careless attitude towards traffic rules. I saw the lackadaisical attitude that people had towards their fellow runners (not giving way, sauntering & talking while blocking the road, taking shortcuts even for a 6 kms run!). I am sure they carry the same while driving. Hoping there's more agility we view on our roads, for I am sure the runners also drive.”

Jacob Poochakkattil, final year MBA student thanked FIIB and said. “Believing that I have a lost a friend and will never come back was very difficult for me. Road safety initiatives taken at FIIB helped me to spread awareness which reduced my pain.”

For many it was difficult to put marathon experience into words, but the expressions said it clear that they attended a charismatic event and waiting for next year’s marathon which is on 29th November 2015.
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