FSE Club organized “Finance Debate”
December 05, 2014

FSE Club successfully concluded “Finance Debate" on Friday, 5th December, 2014 to enhance the competitive skills and build professional’s knowledge around the subject area. It also provided a platform for healthy competition that stimulated the participant’s learning curve. Prof. Abhijit Roy and Prof. Asheesh Pandey judged the competition and also ensured the smooth organization of the event.

The topics for the debate were:-

Should RBI decrease the bank rates?

Students shared their views and some who were in favour of decreasing the bank rates said that decrease in bank rates will push investments and boost economic growth. In addition, those who were against the decrease the bank rates said that decreasing the interest rates may not be the best solution as India is in desperate need of structural reforms to make it easier to do business.

Whether the government be successful in bringing back Indian money lying in Swiss Bank?

While agreeing to this statement student said that, with PM Modi’s initiatives like formation of Special Investigative Team (SIT) which will be headed by Financial Intelligence Unit; they see the chances of getting back the Indian money which is lying in Swiss Bank. On the other side, by stating that the whole economy is based on black money from 3rd world countries, students said that Government won’t be able to get back the money.

Students deliberated on the given topics and shared their opinions in front of judges and students. After healthy debate the winners were announced. Team comprising Deepesh Sharma and Vaibhav Tyagi won the competition and Shivam Soni and Puneet Pal were declared as runner ups.

Winners and runner ups were awarded gifts by Prof. Abhijit Roy.

The mission of FSE club is to converge the difference and unique know-how of academic, practical business, investment, and trading skill to support individual interest in the finance and investment internationally.
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