Finance GYM - Learning Finance is Fun!

The Finance GYM( Grow Your Money) game is an ONLINE interactive game, in which the students create and manage a virtual portfolio with real investment products to achieve the financial goals they have been given. By playing this game, they will learn the basics of financial planning, including financial terminology, tax planning and insurance.Two sessions of the gaming competition was held on 19/08/2018 and 02/09/2018 at FIIB.

About: Finance GYM was a fun way for the students to learn how to manage their finances before they enter the workforce and start earning money. The students learned about financial planning by playing an ONLINE simulation game and attending classroom sessions. The workshop was open to all the students regardless of their specialization and for both first year and second year students. There was no participation fee and the workshop was totally free of cost.

Also, on spot prizes worth Rs. 3,000 to 1st rank team and Rs. 2,000 to 2nd rank team were distributed

The workshop held in a single day (for each group) with two slots of three hours each (a total of six hours). The first session was on conceptual learning of investment and the second session was based on a simulation exercise.

Session 1: Winners: Akchhat Agarwal & Vijaya Pathak (winner)
        Runner ups: Akshit Garg, Taran(Runner up)

Session 2: Winners: Anjali Vashisth, Angshuman Paul (winner)
        Runner ups: Pranav Saxena, Divya Udharamani

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