Good Governance Day at FIIB
December 24, 2014

FIIB celebrated Good Governance Day on 23rd and 24th December 2014 on the birthday of former P.M Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. All AICTE approved institutions were directed to celebrate this day by organizing competitions on Good Governance with an aim to encourage students to learn about the details about Good Governance Day.

Details of Competition:

There were 2 competitions organized at FIIB

  • Oratory Skills Competition (Bhaashan Shailee) on Good Governance
12 management students from first year and final year registered for Oratory Skills Competition which was held on 23rd December 2014. The competition had two rounds i.e. preliminary round and final round. In the preliminary round, each participant was asked to share their though on the given topic for 3 minutes, and this was judged by the panel of three faculty members – Prof. Partha Saikia, Ms. Deepika Tuli and Ms. Neeru Kumari. Best 6 students were shortlisted for final round which was conducted on 24th Dec 2014.

In the final round, the 6 finalists were given 5 minutes to share their opinion on the given topic and this competition was judged by the panel comprising Dr. Deepankar Chakrabarti, Prof. Arun Sangwan and Prof. Monica Mor. The panel selected 3 best speeches for the award of First, Second and Third prize of Rs. 15,000, 10,000 and 5000 respectively. The winners and participants were awarded certificates by Dr. Anil Kumar Sinha- Director- FIIB and Dr. Deepankar Chakrabarti- Dean- FIIB.

The winners of Oratory Skills Competition were:

Anuradha Apna - 1st Prize

Prateek Upadhyay - 2nd Prize

Anshika Goel - 3rd Prize

  • Essay Writing Competition on “Use of Technology and Innovation in promoting Good Governance”.
From the entries received for the Essay Writing Competition, the best 3 entries were selected and awarded with the certificates for First, Second, and Third positions.

Students participating in the essay writing competition were asked to submit an essay in 1000 words, upholding the FIIB standard of academic honesty. The submitted essays were judged by the panel of 3 faculty members, Prof. FMA Khan, Prof. Vidya Iyer and Ms. Deepika Tuli.

The winners of the essay competition were:

Ms. Poornima Malhan- 1st Position

Mr. Manish Saraswat - 2nd Position

Ms. Ankita Mehta - 3rd Position

The winners of essay writing competition were awarded recognition certificate. Overall Good Governance Day gave students an opportunity to learn about the best possible process for making and implementing decisions.
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