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Guest Lecture by Mr. AK Munjal, VP- HR, Maruti Suzuki Ltd.
July 30th, 2015

Keeping its mission of delivering excellence through education and providing corporate exposure to its management students, FIIB organized Guest Lecture and invited eminent industry person, Mr. AK Munjal (VP- HR, Maruti Suzuki Ltd.) as the Speaker of the evening. He shared his insight and knowledge on “How to be successful in the Corporate World” with the eager young minds of the college.

Mr. AK Munjal is a Human Resources leader with diverse industry experience, from the Service to Engineering, Telecom, and Automotive. He has significant pan India exposure to all facets of HR and organizational effectiveness and possesses a collaborative and developmental leadership style. Mr. Munjal has been able to make HR impact in complex business environment because of the professional acumen and patience honed over the years. While he confronted with intricate business issues, his natural approach was to get to the fundamentals and execute solution with optimum short term and long term balance. He has varied expertise in the area of Human Resources such as Strategic HR, Change Management, Leadership, Organizational Transformation, Talent Management, Employee Development & Engagement and CSR initiatives.

Mr. AK Munjal, VP-HR, Maruti Suzuki Ltd.,
Mr. AK Munjal, VP-HR, Maruti Suzuki Ltd., sharing his wisdom with the college's PGDM graduates on ‘How to be Successful in the Corporate World.’

Mr. Munjal quoted his corporate experiences of sensitizing people to their needs enabling them progress in their journey of self-discovery & potential actualization. He was delighted to share instances where he acted as a catalyst in influencing and shaping People, Culture & Business through a collaborative approach. Mr. Munjal’s advice to the PGDM grads of the college on ways and methods to be successful in Corporate World was highly enriching. He said, “You grow along with people you work with. Hence, to be successful prepare your co-workers to their needs and business needs. Work collaboratively and complete every task with perfection.” He attributed his perspective of Corporate World success with leadership with sketches of well-known personalities.

The FIIBians learnt the key factors of which Career Advancement is dependent on and received a thorough knowledge on importance of setting career goals, working in the Corporate and potential challenges on stepping into the Corporate. Question and Answer session by the students trailed the inspiring lecture of the evening. Vote of thanks was proposed at the end.
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