Industry Visit to Mother Dairy
December 06, 2014

First year management students at FIIB Delhi, got an opportunity to visit Mother Dairy and re-learn the management techniques being followed on live platform. This visit facilitated by the college helped students pursuing MBA to sensitize the practical challenges that organizations face in the business world; which cannot be learned in a classroom.

At Mother Dairy, MBA students learned about processing procedure of milk, which is done through the state-of-the-art microprocessor technology which integrates and completely automates all functions of milk processing and ensures high product quality, reliability and safety. The students got a know-how on various stages of milk processing, which are given below:

  • Milk collection from farmers
    Raw mixed milk is collected, tested, chilled and stored below 4 degree celsius.
  • Milk Transportation
    Raw mixed milk is transported through insulated road tankers.
  • Testing
    Raw mixed milk undergoes 23 stringent quality tests. It is tested for:
    Right compensation
    Low Bacteria
    Free from contaminants
  • Receiving Dock
    Raw mixed milk is unloaded and stored in stainless steel insulated silos below 6C before processing.
  • Clarification
    It involves application of centrifugal force which means rotation of milk at high speed(at 6100 rpm) to remove foreign matter like fine dust particles.
  • Homogenization and Fortification
    Vitamin A is added milk. Then milk is subjected to very high pressure to break the fat globules, therefore fat is mixed evenly in every drop of milk. This makes the milk easily digestible, good for tea, coffee and curd making.
  • Pasteurization
    Kills pathogenic bacteria by heating the milk to 72 degree celsius for 16 seconds and then immediately cooled to 4 degree celsius. Pasteurization, unlike boiling does not affect the nutritional value of the milk.
  • Standardisation
    In adherence to Food safety standard regulation, milk is processed to ensure a standard composition of fat and solids.
  • Filling Dock
    After milk is processed, milk is either filled in tankers or packed in polypacks and then distributed in the market.
Overall, it was a great learning experience for all the management students of the college. FIIB, as a management institute believes in holistic development of its students and always tries to give practical exposure to the students, to prepare them for corporate world.
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