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Mind Matters!
April 2nd, 2015

FIIB Campus, New Delhi: Age Group of 18-30 is extremely crucial for it is the age of laying down sound foundation for career and addressing several issues relating to study, job, relationships, peer/parental pressures and anxiety about future. Intervention of a technique to calm the mind and develop mental clarity and emotional strength is of utmost importance to combat such issues. An introductory session was conducted by Mr. Avinash Tiku, YES+ Teacher at Art of Living Foundation, which explored the connection between the mind and the breath and ways in which we can skillfully use the breath to relax our thoughts and emotions.

Mr. Avinash Tiku, with his wonderful communication and interaction at the college campus, built a perfect rapport with the management graduates tying every listener with concord. He addressed the budding Management Leaders, highlighting the importance of keeping control over mind. As mind matters in taking up crucial decisions in enhancing knowledge and empowering the level of understanding, it is essential to erase unwanted and unpleasant thoughts from the mind and keep it stress free. The best way shown in the session at the college, to shun the unwanted baggage was Meditation. The interactive session was followed by simple body movements to energize the mind Bhastrika Pranayam (breathing exercise to reduce stress and tension) and a short guided Meditation.
Mr. Avinash Tiku, YES+ Teacher of Art of Living Foundation, addressing FIIB-ians on ‘Mind Matters'

Sessions/Workshops such as ‘Mind Matters’ at the college, provide a glimpse to the management graduates on the significance of happiness of the mind. They also deal with better understanding of the mind's tendencies that empower the MBA students to not only excel academically/professionally but also nurture additional life skills such as teamwork, better communication skills, decision making ability, clarity and focus..

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