National Marketing Conference Successfully completed

On 9th Sept, 2017, FIIB hosted the National Marketing Conference (NMC) at its campus with the theme: Contemporary Practices in Modern Marketing - A Roadmap for 2020. The conference had:

  • 70+ researchers
  • 40+ research articles
  • 40+ institutions, including the likes of: IIMs, MICA, TAPMI, IIT-Delhi, NIT and IMT.
In his inaugural address, Mr. Sumit Sehgal, CMO - Comio, gave knowledgeable insights regarding traditional vs. modern marketing and laid great emphasis on the role of social media and its impact on marketing strategies. He also shared keen observations on core business practices, wherein customers take central stage and customer relationship forms backbone of any successful business. Mr. Abhay Gupta, CEO - Luxury Connect, delivered the keynote address with sharp focus on customer experience with respect to luxury brands. He highlighted that the four things that pillar any sustainable and profitable business practice are - unique customer experience, exclusivity, engagement and emotional connectivity.
The conference also had a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Nimit Gupta, Marketing Faculty - FIIB. During the panel discussion, leaders from some of world's most reputed companies discussed the challenges they face and the solutions they propose in garnering sales/customer satisfaction from implementing marketing practices in their organizations. Dr. Asif Rashidi, General Manager - Ford Motor, explained the marketing reforms that have taken place with the advent of social media and the subsequent shift from owned to earned media. Based on her experience, Ms. Stuti Srivastava, Head Marketing - Sify Technologies highlighted the importance of customer perceptions and the movement from ATL to BTL in B2B business. Talking about the role of personalization and platform integration, Ms Sumedha Chatterjee, Head Marketing - BMJ, highlighted that these modern practices make the marketers more agile. Adding to that, Mr. Pawandeep Sahni, Director - Culinary Communications, with his high-street gourmet venture experience, drew attention to the role of community engagement programs and stressed upon the significance of customer engagement and experiential marketing.
Following the panel discussions, the researchers presented their research work into two tracks: Track-1 on 'Consumer Behavior and Modern Marketing Practices' and Track-2 on 'Modern Marketing Strategies for 2020.' As part of this session, the researchers had a dialogue regarding ways on enhancing as well as practical implications of research.
In concurrence with the conference, a marketing fair was also held at the campus, wherein FIIB's budding management professionals showcased their ideas and talent. Inaugurated by Ms. Shrishti Kaur, Miss Teen Universe 2017 and Mr. Sumit Singla, Mr. India 2014, the fair had Ms. Rita Gangwani, Grooming Expert and Personality Consultant as its jury. Full of fun, frolic and fanfare, the fair was a marvelously engaging experience for the students.
The conference concluded with a valedictory address by Sh. A.P. Mittal, Member Secretary - AICTE. This was followed by an award ceremony for the Best Paper and Marketing Fair winners.

The following list covers the speakers and the track chairs in the session:
  • Mr. Sumit Sehgal, CMO, Comio India.
  • Mr. Abhay Gupta, CEO, Luxury Connect.
  • Ms. Stuti Srivastava, Head Marketing, Sify Technologies.
  • Dr. Asif Rashidi- GM, General Motors.
  • Ms. Sumedha Chatterjee, Head Marketing, BMJ.
  • Mr. Pawandeep Sahni, Director, Culinary Communications.
  • Prof. (Dr.) A. P. Mittal, Member Secretary, AICTE.
Track Chairs:
  • Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Nath, Director, BVIMR, Delhi.
  • Prof. (Dr.) Anupam Narula, FORE School of Management, New Delhi.
  • Prof. (Dr.) Suresh K. Chadha, University Business School, (UBS) Punjab University, Chandigarh.
  • Prof. (Dr.) Bikramjit Rishi, Institute of Management & Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad.
Special Guests:
  • Ms. Shrishti Kaur, Miss Teen Universe 2017.
  • Mr. Sumit Singla, Mr. India 2014.
  • Ms. Rita Gangwani, Grooming Expert and Personality Consultant.
Best Paper Award Winners:
  • Mr. Siddharth Batra, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.
  • Mr. Ravneet Bhandari and Dr. Himani Sharma, Amity Business School, Noida.
  • Ms. Nikita, Dr. Rita Kant and Dr. Suresk K. Chaddha, Punjab University, Chandigarh.
Catch a glimpse of the conference here:

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