Opening Doors To A Magical Journey - FIIB Organized Freshers' Party For 2019-21 Batch

Thursday, 13th July - The 2019-21 batch students of FIIB had a blast at the freshers' party titled Alohomora: Opening Doors To A Magical Journey organised recently in the college premises. The party started at 4:30PM with seniors welcoming freshers who were elated to start the new phase of their life. The extravaganza of freshers' party is an official way to tell new students to take some time off and enjoy the fun aspect of their #LifeatFIIB.

The masquerade night began with a ramp walk and fashion show by some of the most talented bunch at FIIB. The students enthusiastically participated in the fashion show which was followed by a talent hunt round where the participants showcased their talents through rapping, singing, and dancing. Afterwards, all the participants were interviewed by Dr. Nimit, Dr. Amiya, and Dr. Sudhir to assess their personality. On the basis of tricky questions asked by faculty and the tactful answers given by students, Mr. Fresher title was given to Rishabh Jain and Miss Fresher title was given to Harshita Mehta. Overall, the students created an ambience of enjoyment with their performances.

Further, the event was made memorable with the anchoring of talented duo; Senior: Arushi Rajput and Tanvi Thapar and Junior: Subha Yadav. If you're a geek of the Harry Potter series, then it is not so hard to retrieve the Alomohora theme. The illusional masquerade party actually started when Internationally acclaimed illusionist Mr. Sanchit Batra thrilled everyone in the audience with his magical performance.

The one-month long competitions between four groups have finally settled down in the Freshers' party. The Sapphire team won the trophy of best group and conveyed the true meaning of team bonding and leadership skills. By the time the competition concluded, the adrenaline was already on a high pump through the youngsters. All through this time, both batches have bonded closely with each other.

The latter half of the evening saw some scintillating and groovy dancing from the students as the dance floor was left open for all their entertainment. At last, students enjoyed delicious refreshments with a promise of unlocking all the doors with their bond.
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