Praise follows E-Waste Drive
27th January 2016

Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) was congratulated on being a green champion! And received a certificate from Chintan Group an Environmental Research and Action Group for the campaign that the Institute had spread as a part of its sustainability practices campaign among the students and the society at large.

The Jaagriti Club had organized E-Waste Collection Drive at the FIIB campus from 29th October to 5th November 2015. The event commenced with great enthusiasm and buzz. Knowledge on the importance of regulating E-Waste was shared by FIIB’s partner organization Chintan. Mr. Malcom Mukherjee representative of Chintan urged students to scrap their electronic waste through proper channel instead of selling it to rag pickers at half cost or just throwing the same in dustbins. He mentioned that e-waste recycling requires specialized skills and equipment and proper handling as the crude dismantling and recycling methods used by the informal sector (i.e. local kabaris and recyclers) leads to wastage of valuable resources and also pose a significant threat to the environment and human health.

As a part of the initiative all faculty, staff and students were encouraged to dump their E-wastes. The students also visited nearby households to spread awareness about the initiative. A total of 48 kg’s of e-waste were collected during the drive. The e-waste collected was then handed over to Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group for further processing. The student Co-Heads of Jaagriti Club coordinated the drive.

Praise follows E-Waste Drive

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