SIGMA Club conducted “Free Thinker Quiz”
August 21, 2014

FIIB Delhi, as an education institution has always taken a one step further for the holistic growth of students pursuing MBA. With a same objective, the institute has various student driven clubs, which helps them to learn various managerial skills outside the classroom. As members/representatives of these clubs, MBA students conduct various events on their own on a regular basis.

One such initiative was taken by the SIGMA Club members of the college on 22nd August, 2014. SIGMA club organized ‘Free Thinker Quiz’ which laid the emphasis on the awareness of the students in the automotive industry.

Quiz was divided into two sections where seven teams with maximum three members participated and explored their knowledge in automobile industry. “Identify the Logo” was the first part of the activity, wherein management students were supposed to recognize the brand logo and reply when they get their chance. Teams were given +10 points for each correct answer. This part of the quiz helped the students to know about the various brands from automotive industry. Second part of the quiz was based on MCQ’s pattern where the teams were given +10 points for correct answer and -5 for each incorrect answer. Questions in this round tested students on their knowledge on details of automobile industry, e.g. one of the question was, who is the supplier for Maruti Suzuki out of the given options?

In the end, three teams were announced; Winner, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up on the basis of their total scores. Team comprising Vineet Saini, Himanshu Chaudhary and Pratik Seth was declared as winners with 35 points.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the entire session and quiz ended up with a great success..!!

The Sigma Club of the college, aims to provide opportunities for those interested to increase their knowledge about operations, IB and ISM function. The club also seeks to enlighten the MBA students about the present as well as future scope and challenges in the concerned field there by helping them in choosing a right corner path for themselves. As a part of their annual activity, the Sigma Club conducts Operations Excellence Conference and various Intra college events.
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