Session on “Profile enhancement on Social Media- LinkedIn”
December 19 & 26, 2014

FIIB organized a session on “Profile Enhancement on Social Media- LinkedIn” on the 19th Dec’ & 26th Dec’ 2014 for final year management students who wanted to create or improve upon their LinkedIn profiles. This was an important session since all students who now are in their penultimate term in the PGDM Progamme at FIIB are either seeking placements or are already placed. An active online presence is an essential part of their professional profile management, as social media helps employers to know about the prospective employee beyond the resume, while employees get to know a more about company policies, updates, etc.

LinkedIn has become one of the most important sites for searching jobs and for reference check, as it’s a site where almost all HR managers are present and their online profile works as an online CV as well as a showcase for professional accomplishments. LinkedIn helps an individual to stand out amongst clutter, enabling them for better profile positioning and enhancing their chances to get shortlisted by recruiters. LinkedIn offers domestic and international groups which allow people to share their ideas, opinions and knowledge as per their interest area. It’s also a platform to connect with professionals from diverse fields. For someone who’s serious about their career, LinkedIn is probably the most important social media platform to be visible on.

Considering the above mentioned importance of social media platforms like LinkedIn which can help a fresh management graduate to have a professional identity, Prof. Monica Mor conducted the session with the students at FIIB.

Students were called for the session in a group of 30 who worked on individual terminals. Each student was given about 45 minutes to create and develop his/her respective LinkedIn profile.

Session objectives included:
  1. Headline management– doesn’t have to be the job title. It’s about activities done for serving the institution you are a part of rather than about oneself. Eg. Instead of just mentioning “Student at FIIB” write along with it “Co-Head / organizer of ----event” or any additional title like “amateur photographer” or “avid blogger”
  2. Inserting important keywords in “Summary” for better visibility online
  3. Joining relevant groups & participating in discussions
  4. Posting status updates that are original & not just shares from LinkedIn pulse
  5. Choosing the skill for which student would want to be endorsed, from amongst all the skills he/she would have been endorsed for by their respective contacts
  6. Getting recommendations for projects done from faculty & corporate mentors
  7. Integration of text & images and videos
  8. A nice & formal head shot.

Session Outcome for each participant:

Improving online CV & professional profiles & adding details on:

  1. Corporate Internship Project
  2. Live Projects
  3. Academic projects which reflect their choice of specialization / career
  4. Blogs, Pinterest & twitter ids in the contact field
  5. Filling in the section on “summary” with information (adding important keywords) that make the candidate more employable & visible online
There were students who had not even created a LinkedIn profile and needed help with filling up of various fields while creating their profile. Nevertheless, across both days there were few students who had already created their LinkedIn profiles and wanted to make it more robust. They sought assistance in wording the various fields on Summary, Projects, as also assistance in seeking Recommendations.

This session certainly help students to understand the importance of presence on social media and how the right profile on these platforms can help management graduates to connect with prospect employers and fetch a great career opportunity.
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