Session on Self-Management
21st January 2016

Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) organized a one day session on Self-Management at its campus. The session on Self-Management was organised by Synergy Club on Thursday 21st January 2016.

The session was conducted by Mr. Nirmal Matella, Head, Art of Living Youth. The Art of Living Foundation is a volunteer-based, humanitarian and educational non-governmental organization (NGO). It was founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The Art of Living Foundation is spread in 156 countries and is considered the world's largest volunteer-based NGO.

Now-a-days Students face many issues like peer pressure, stress, projects, assignments and so on. They need a break from regular studies and keeping this in mind an event was organised by Synergy Club. It was basically focused on self-management, with special emphasis on stress management, respect for each other in groups, and working in teams.

The event started with the introduction of Art of Living and making students understand what actually Art of living is. Mr Nirmal Matella touched the most common problems faced by students now-a-days. He cleared students’ doubts about Meditation and in his very own words he said Art of living is not about going to mountains and chanting “OM”. It is more about living a normal life with your family and friends. It is about being able to handle our state of mind and concentrate. He surprised the audience by the fact that number of smiles reduces when we grow old. He also quoted that “life is not about wealth and materialistic things”.

It was a very interactive session and students took keen interest in participating and asking questions. He told about the two secrets of concentration i.e. Interest and being focused. The students got to know about the different breathing patterns followed during different emotions. Human beings are made up of two things i.e. Matter and Spirituality.

There are two things for success:-
a) Knowledge Domain b) Life skills.

To achieve something we need three things:-
a) Time b) Effort c) Money

Students were made aware about the “World Culture Festival” and the way this festival has connected 2.5 million people around the world from 144 countries. It was more of a fun activity. Students enthusiastically participated and asked questions. The event was successful and we look forward at having more such events and more student participants. Such events help us to connect more to ourselves and to the people around us.

Session on Self-Management

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