Stepping into another year of success - 23rd Foundersí Day at FIIB

On saturday, 21st March, 2018, FIIB celebrated its 23rd Founders' Day. Founders' Day is one of the oldest, most cherished traditions at FIIB. This tradition has carried on for 23 years, where students, faculty members and staff commemorate the Founder of the institute, Mr. R K Shrivastava and value his legacy. The day was a brief getaway from the routine - a time for students to evacuate the libraries, cast worry away from their minds, and connect with the greater college community to celebrate the history and accomplishments of the college and its people.

Since its inception in 1995, FIIB, a premier Business B-School in Delhi has worked towards rediscovering and reinventing MBA Education. The spirit of FIIB is to grasp the contemporary trends in the business and to cater to the needs of ever changing environment. With over 2 decades of transforming, growing and evolving, FIIB has been fulfilling the mission to advance the practice of management, and produce leader-managers of business and social relevance. Today, it is the proud alma mater of industry experts in leadership positions in some of the best known companies in India and the world, in marketing, finance, research, analytics, other strategic management and communication-driven businesses.

The day started off when FIIB community gathered together to reminisce the accomplishments and achievements of the institute over time. While speaking about the incredible journey of FIIB, Ms. Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director at FIIB "This year, which is the 23rd year of existence for FIIB, marks the end of one journey and the start of another. This past year, we took stock of our growth so far and put in place a strategic plan for zooming into the next quarter with our feet solidly landing where we want them to. Along with these plans, we also unveiled a new and refreshing identity for FIIB. Our logo and our mascot will always remind us of what kind of business professionals we want to be - Smart, Dynamic, Spirited, Purposeful and Focussed." Her words reminded the members that while they can all be proud of the accomplishments, they must also keep working diligently to pilot a brighter future for the organization.


This was followed by cake cutting ceremony and Faculty, staff, and students enjoyed a sumptuous lunch after. Voicing her thoughts on Founders' Day, Ms. Nidhi Singh Saini, faculty at FIIB said, "It's a time when all of us come together and we should take this opportunity to join hands to move forward as an organization, to listen to ourselves and others who can give us direction, and to benefit from the experience and wisdom of the people around."



Today, while FIIB continues to change, evolve, and grow: what remains constant is the manner in which everyone at FIIB continue to work towards one goal doing the right things in the right way. With this takeaway, FIIB community steps into another year of learning and reaching new heights.

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