Teamwork makes dream work- Ranbhoomi

FIIB organized Ranbhoomi on 17th and 18th November 2018, this event gave the vibe of activeness and sporting spirit. Taking out time for fitness helps you to stay active and young. It was a 2 days event. On Day 1, an event took place in college premises, games were; Badminton, Carom, Table Tennis, Chess, Billiards etc. Rajkumar Sangwan was the Guest of Honour in RanBhoomi. Rajkumar Sangwan is a two time Asian Gold Medalist, also is the member of Indian Boxing & Sports Academy. Also, Rajkumar Sangwan is world 4th ranked heavyweight category in 1994. he was felicitated with the prestigious Arjuna award by the president of India, Mr. KR Narayan. Rajkumar Sangwan shared his life experience in games. Looking at the competitive world he mentioned ‘there is a change in Facilities’. Looking at the young talent in the sports industry he mentioned ‘ Self Confidence has increased’. He talked about his inspiration ‘Mr R.S Yadav’, who suggested him to learn boxing. Looking at the aspirations of today’s generation, Rajkumar Sangwan said ‘ they should aim according to the levels.’ He added Students aim of participating in Olympics rather they should have an objective of reaching to one level ahead, gradually then you grow. Staff members, students, and Faculty were part of ‘Ranbhoomi. Sunil Dabbas was also one of the guests in Ranbhoomi.

Next Day was the cricket match which was hosted at Sports Recreation Zone at Campus & DDA Sports Complex Dwarka on 18th November 2018. It unleashed the spirit of the players as well as the audience. RanBhoomi enhanced student team spirit as well as to achieve a goal with the wider objective.




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