Update on the First Phase of Social Internship Programme (SIP)

Social Internship Program (SIP) is a unique program at FIIB to inculcate social consciousness in young managers. As a part of the program, management students of FIIB spend two weeks interning with Social Sector Organizations(SSO) understanding the working process, various challenges of the sector, and how to solve them. SIP 2019 was the third edition of the Social Internship. In SIP 2019, FIIB partnered with 16 SSOs including leading names as Udayan Care, Literacy India, Teach for India, The Akshaya Patra Foundation, HelpAge India etc.

In the first phase of SIP, 180 students completed their 15-day full-time engagement between Sept 19 to Oct 04, 2019. The first phase witnessed enthusiastic participation from both the Faculty Mentors and students. A total of 18 Faculty Mentors proactively engaged the SSO Mentors, identified meaningful projects, the objectives, the scope, and at a broad level methodology to be followed for the projects.

After the completion of the first phase, students have to undertake a 50 hour extended and flexible engagement with the same SSOs to further explore the same or newer real-life challenges facing the SSOs. The second phase has been introduced to help students consolidate their learning from this experiential programme, and at the same allow them to create a deeper impact on society.

These internships are a way to create win-win for both the organizations and students leveraging each others' expertise to grow and solve problems.

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