View From The Top talks for academic year 2018-19 commence at FIIB

Every year, for View From The Top (VFTT) talks, FIIB invites well-respected, experienced, and, eminent leaders from a variety of business sectors to share their personal reflections and insights of management and corporate life with the students.To commence the VFTT talks for 2018-19, we are very excited to announce that Mr. Siraj Chaudhry, Chairman, Cargill India visited FIIB on Monday, 13th August, 2018 and interacted with our students. .

Mr. Siraj has been an agriculture, commodity risk management and food processing industry professional for over 30 years with stints at ITC Ltd and the State Trading Corporation of India (STC) before joining Cargill. His tenure at Cargill spans 23 years. Under his leadership since 2007, Cargill India has successfully built both institutional and consumer businesses backed by world class manufacturing facilities, a robust distribution network and an enviable brand portfolio. Besides business, Mr. Siraj is actively involved in supporting social issues focusing on food and nutrition security, education and livelihood.

The session started when Mr. Siraj rang the ceremonial gong marking the beginning of the series, after which he proceeded to the auditorium to speak about how his decisions shaped out his career at Cargill India. His talk meandered around the conscious choices and calculated risks stating they are necessary for the growth of any individual. He spoke about the importance of knowing what one can do and one cannot; that there would always be people who know more than us, or who are better than us, we need to learn to respect them and interact with them in a way to delegate the tasks according to expertise to achieve organizational goals. He also mentioned an interesting notion that often the roads not taken lead to success.

The students were very keen holding on to his words of wisdom and asking intriguing questions. Mr. Siraj was more than happy telling them how to make career choices, take better decisions, and climb the corporate pyramid. This is one of the many ways FIIB opens doors to

View From Top

View From Top

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