Employability Fest for Students Concludes at MBA Campus
October 16, 2014

FIIB’s annual Employability Fest, Sankalp, started at the institute on October 15, 2014 with full gusto. With a focus to make students doing MBA industry ready, every year Sankalp organizes unique business simulation activities to aid students in enhancing their employability quotient.

This 3 day college fest offers various assessment tests, business quizzes, industry sessions which allow management students of the college to understand the current hiring trends and the various skills required to get fit into the current industry scenario.

Day 1 started at the college with Self-Assessment Tests, allowing them to put together their skills inventory and understand their personality traits. This gave management students an opportunity to introspect on their strengths and identify improvement areas.

Prof. Vidya and Prof. Neha conducted a Sixteen Personality Factor Test (16 PF) which is a widely used test by recruiters and employers to assess personality traits. This 40 minutes test was aimed to help MBA students to identify the important personality traits like, reasoning, emotional stability, warmth, etc, the companies consider in themselves.

During In-tray exercise with Ms. Akshita Agrawal, students experienced the real time and most common business scenarios involved in a typical day at work. Ms. Akshita discussed email communication in her session and students were given various situations wherein they were supposed to take decisions on how and when to reply after studying the given set up appropriately. MBA students also learned about the impact of social media in professional life.

Focusing on importance accurate written communication and the most common writing mistakes, with Ms. Deepika Tuli, management students revised their English grammar. Various on board exercises were conducted at the college to help students of MBA in improving their tenses, subject, verb and agreement, etc.

The day concluded with a session in which students learned about the importance of goal setting. Prof Vijayeta urged students doing MBA to set their career goals right, as there is a direct link between goals and enriched career performance and it also helps to focus and allocate the required time and efforts efficiently. Gearing up for corporate life was beautifully explained with help of a video, which was shown to students at the college campus.

Interestingly, MBA students were seen quite excited and motivated after the Day 1 of Sankalp and also accelerated for coming 2 days college fest.
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