Industry preparedness session with FIIB Alumni
September 06, 2014

Through an interactive and elaborate session on September 6, 2014 at the institute, FIIB Alumni Yogesh Anand (Class of 2008) and Yashi Shrivastava (Class of 2012) shared important insights with students pursuing MBA, about preparing for the career that lies ahead.

Some of the key takeaways and discussion points from the session are summarized below:

  1. Know shortcut to knowledge
    Both Yashi and Yogesh sensitized management students towards getting the basics right. As fresh graduates from management, students are not expected to have technical expertise or strategically inclined experience. However what is expected of them is basic knowledge of the core concepts particular to the domains. They further told the MBA students that every campus placement interview or aptitude test would definitely evaluate them on the concepts hence they should not ignore it under any circumstance

  2. Make the newspaper your friend
    Students doing MBA were encouraged to read newspaper everyday and keep themselves abreast with the main news items from across the world. They were told that during interviews their opinions on the current events can be judged and hence students should remain well informed. Further, this habit needs to be inculcated from before as general awareness cannot be built in one month

  3. Know Yourself
    Students were suggested to introspect before sitting for placements and understand themselves well. They were asked to answer important questions like ‘what are they career goals’, ‘why are they sitting for a particular organization’, ‘how can they contribute to the organization’. They were asked to also decide their own priorities as there is no universal right or wrong answer.

  4. Know Your Company
    Mr. Yogesh encouraged management students to do indepth research about the companies where students would like to work. They were advised to know a lot about the company and the profile before the interview so that the interviewer can be convinced about the student as an appropriate candidate

  5. It is all about the Attitude
    Students doing MBA, were advised to develop a ‘problem solving’, ‘inquisitive’ and ‘positive’ attitude. These characteristics are extremely important and desirable in a candidate. Students were informed that while technical knowledge can be built through training, this attitude cannot be learnt and hence organizations look forward to candidates who already have this attitude. MBA Students were introduced to several online websites, portals and offline classes where they can enroll themselves and attend weekend courses to get extra certifications. The keenness to learn and grow is evident when a candidate stretches themselves beyond the required and showcases abilities and potential.

Mr. Yogesh and Ms. Yashi made the session informal and interactive by encouraging students to ask questions and sharing their own stories from college days. The session concluded with more specific suggestions for management students gearing to pursue a career in Finance. The two hour long session was thoroughly enjoyed by the students and added value to their repertoire.

Alumni Profile
Both Yashi and Yogesh joined Capital IQ through college campus placements during their graduation and have continued to work with the S&P subsidiary. They were invited on campus by the Alumni Cell to address the students pursuing MBA, as a part of the informal session series ‘Chai pe Charcha’. They were requested to share with the students their own learnings from the corporate which would help management students prepare for their career particularly in finance and research field.
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