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October 18, 2014

Students undertook an industrial visit to the Manufacturing unit of Parle G, Neemrana on Saturday, 18th Oct, 2014. The visit was focused on increasing exposure towards business operations and management techniques. Twenty Four students of the first year participated in the day long visit. The tour at Parle started with a video presentation made by the representatives of Parle followed by Q&A session in which students were encouraged to ask questions regarding the business and operations of Parle. The students were given insights into the processes and principles of Parle before being taken on a tour of the entire manufacturing process at the plant through glass doors. The key takeaways for students included:-

  • Details about history of Parle, its plants, and products through screening of ‘Parle Movie’. This enriched background information of the company.

  • Details about the Neemrana unit which was started in 1999. Students were informed about the Manufacturing processes of few core products. At the Candies’ Plant they learnt about Kacha Mango Bite and Melody Chocolate and at Biscuit Plant about Parle G and Monaco. They were shown the automated manufacturing process at the two plants.

  • The students also learnt about hygiene interests of Parle and steps they take regarding Quality Control during the three shifts of the employees. As an ISO 9000 certified unit, great care is taken to ensure quality and hygiene inside the production plant. On Sunday, all the plant remains under preventive maintenance.

  • The production capacity of plants: Biscuit – 300 TPD, Kachha Mango 50 TPD and Melody 6 TPD.
Students returned from the industry visit with more knowledgeable and information about parle G which is a key Indian company.
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