Leaving a Trail Behind: FIIB-ians Celebrate Earth Day
23 April 2014

Every year, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 around the world to demonstrate and pledge for environmental protection. Faculty and Staff members at Fortune Institute of International Business Delhi, celebrated ‘Earth Day 2014’ by organizing and participating in a number of activities at the institute.

The celebration was organized to align with the FIIB Green Initiative Campaign, which aims to reduce the negative impact of operations and activities carried out on campus on the environment.

Besides recycling, reusing and reducing the consumption and usage of everyday commodities inside the college campus, on Earth Day this year- Faculty and Staff members of the institute took one step further by taking individual pledges to contribute towards making a Green and Sustainable Earth: For example, while Prof Vinita Johorey pledged that ‘She will always separate garbage at her home’; Akshita Agrawal from Corporate Communications took a pledge that ‘She will not waste electricity and will recycle paper.’

To keep up with the pledges that were taken, “Kabaad se Jugaad”- an interactive team activity was organized where members from the Faculty and Staff participated in full fervor and demonstrated their creativity by creating a number of useful items from general waste material. The theme of the competition was set around “waste management” where participants were to bring waste materials from their homes and create useful items out of it. From a house keeping staff to the Director of the Institute, all participants were full of excitement about creating something new and usable from discarded material. Things like pen-stands, posters, table-lamps, bags, wallets and many more were promptly designed and made by participating teams.

Another interesting contest called “Selfie with my Travel Partner” was organized to encourage the concept of carpooling in the FIIB family. Fortune Institute of International Business Delhi, has always encouraged and motivated its family members to contribute towards the society and the environment in all possible ways. Carpooling is one significant step to show that every one of us is a true soldier in this battle for a greener planet.

The daylong event at the institute, was concluded with a hearty lunch and with distribution of cloth bags - encouraging everyone to discard use of plastic bags. Highlights from the event can be viewed here.

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