Refining the leadership qualities of young leaders-managers

With an increasing number of newer challenges coming up at the workplace, it is becoming crucial for the new generation to understand the importance of some emerging leadership skills that will help them develop the right attitude as a new age leader. To set up this agenda in its ecosphere and to seed the leadership skills that are intuitive, strong and compatible with the workplace's future needs, FIIB’s Learning & Development Cell had organised a virtual Leadership Talk with Mr. Vivek Nanda, Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker on 19th September 2020 (Saturday) with the theme “A Complete Guide to Leadership”.


The talk session began with a Welcome Note by Prof. Vibhor Kataria, Assistant Professor of Business Communication (Adjunct), who shed light on how our work will look like in a few years from now and asked students to utilize this thought-provoking event as an opportunity to seek the skills they’ll need to acquire to effectively work in their desired job roles. Thereafter, Mr. Vivek Nanda addressed the students and enlightened them with the importance of leadership skills in an organization and how it can convert the skills into a desired output at a workplace.

Key Takeaways from the Leadership Talk Session:

  • To radiate positive energy in the work environment. There is nothing more important in a team than to have passion and willingness to succeed. Having a positive attitude and energy in a leader is an important part. A great leader should always radiate positive energy in the team which will make them likeable and build trust. It also boosts the team's morale.
  • A leader must be punctual whenever it comes to meetings or projects. It is crucial to respect others’ time to achieve your goals faster. Always remember - If you keep them waiting when they’re in need, you’ll have to chase them when it is your need.
  • To become an effective leader and complete a task effectively, one must know the steps and key points. Firstly you have to get out of your comfort zone. Study those leaders whom you look up to, or take advice from them. Do research and gather resources, and finally make sure to perfect your craft.
  • A great leader should set standards for others and motivate them towards achievement. Some of the standards to set are - the ability to adopt changes in the surroundings and plan them strategically with a positive mindset.
  • A good leader follows “The Ant Philosophy” and never quits. It is important to be realistic and think ahead of the coming circumstances. You should always think strategically and be limitless.
  • Feedback is necessary to improve the quality of work. A leader must consider both positive and negative feedback to get effective and efficient output.
The leadership discussion concluded with a question-answer round where students raised their queries and concerns and in return got some valuable advice and suggestions that will help them develop their skills and personalities.

The event not only brought out the spirit of teamwork and collaboration among the budding leader-managers at FIIB and imparted an exponential push to their learning curve at the institute, but also made them aware of the transformational change they need to bring about in their understanding of the likely evolution of the workplaces.

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