August 28, 2014

Continuing the annual tradition, Fortune Institute of International Business Delhi, organized its annual Employability Fest- Sankalp at the college campus, between 24th and 27th of August 2014. As an Institute which focuses on building employability skills in its PGDM students along with giving them exposure in management and business education, FIIB organizes Sankalp every year to give students of PGDM a headstart in placements. The sessions were conducted as per specialization, and each session was divided primarily into three sections

  1. Career Track session
  2. Domain Refresher
  3. Job search exercise

Career Track Session
Through Sankalp, students who are preparing for final placements, get insights into job opportunities and career challenges in the area of their specialization. Through the domain wise presentations, presented by area coordinators, PGDM students get an opportunity to listen to insights which helps them get more clarity about companies coming to the college campus for placements and the profiles they offer. The session encouraged students to ask questions regarding Live Projects, & Research & Consultancy sectors. While concluding the session at the institute, management students were informed about Marketing FAQs & Glossary for their read. .

Domain Refresher
Through the session, concepts from first year were refreshed through simulation exercises,m quiz and case studies. Students solved the cases while brainstorming the answers in groups & finalizing the solutions.

Job Search Exercise
A simulation activity, the session focused on highlighting the students’ understanding of the desired character traits that are looked for by recruiting organizations. Students of PGDM, were given a job search template, on which they worked in pairs to research information, keeping a company in consideration. They looked for relevant information across different sites & sources like company website, LinkedIn,, yahoo finance, company chairman’s published speech, etc and came back with filled templates to discuss the information collected. They were debriefed on how to search information more effectively. This exercise helped management students to identify their areas of strength and weakness which needs attention before Placements begin.

Apart from internal sessions, Alumni are invited at the college for special sessions where they share their experience of working in the corporate and discuss how the institute played a role in their success. Through these sessions, students get a clear picture of how the industry functions and are able to determine the way ahead. This year, FIIB Alumni Ms. Suruchi Bahal (Class of 2009) who works with Safexpress Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Afzal Alam (Class of 2012) who works with DHL Express and Mr. Rohit Jaitly (Class of 2014) who works with Copal Amba, addressed management students who are aspiring to make a career in International Business and Logistics, and Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

The PGDM students would soon be undertaking Live Projects and sitting through Final Placements, and Sankalp has helped them create a more structured path towards the same.

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