Jaagriti Club organized session with Chintan during e-waste collection drive on 28th Oct, 2014 at the college campus
October 28, 2014

As a part of sustainability initiative at the institute, every year Jaagriti Club organizes E-waste Collection Drive in collaboration with Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group; wherein all faculty, staff and students are encouraged to dump their E-waste. As Chintan is a government authorized e-waste collection body, it collects e-waste from organizations, schools, individuals and sends it to the authorized e-waste recyclers for safe recycling. The generated funds are used to educate people about hazardous effects of e-waste collection and new practices followed in our society. It also uses the money for the education of the children and helps them to earn a living.

On 28th October 2014, Tuesday, students pursuing MBA from FIIB Delhi, got an opportunity to attend a brief session on importance of dumping e-waste through proper channel. Ms. Ankita Hazarika, Assistant Manager, Chintan talked about the various rules and regulations involved in the process of collecting and recycling e-waste. Students were shown a small documentary on how e-waste is collected by unorganized sector and unknowingly come in contact with hazardous and toxic chemicals released by this waste. The informal setup of waste collection majorly includes children and young adults in age group of 20-25 years and they get in direct contact with e-waste which generally contains chemicals like lead, lithium, mercury, cadmium which are used to make electronic products like mobiles, charger, laptops, grinder etc. and recycling this waste without proper process makes them prone to various diseases like cancer, TB, lung diseases and blindness. Unfortunately such practices are illegal but still it prevails in our society.

Management students also got to know that e-waste recycling requires specialized skills and equipment it in an eco-friendly manner, as the crude dismantling and recycling methods used by the informal sector (i.e. local kabaris and recyclers) leads to wastage of valuable resources and also pose a significant threat to the environment and human health. Ms. Ankita urged students to scrap their electronic waste through proper channel instead of selling it to rag pickers at half cost or just throwing the same in dustbins.

During informal discussion students were encouraged to ask questions regarding e-waste recycling and were asked to spread the buzz about the importance of proper recycling process with friends, family, locality, etc.
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