Decoding myths of Operations and Logistics with FIIB Alumnus Afzal Alam (Class of 2012)
August 26, 2014

On 26th August 2014, students pursuing MBA attended a session with FIIB Alumnus Afzal Alam, a graduate of Batch 2012, and decoded the myths that surround Logistics. Through the interactive session at the college, MBA students got the opportunity to share their concerns regarding a career in Operations, IB and Logistics while getting first hand knowledge from a recent management graduate.

Mr Afzal began by sharing his career path, highlighting that currently he is handling supply chain at DHL wherein his client is Michelin Tyres. He shared insights of actual working situations that he faces everyday especially resoluting 22,000 complaints in a year. He advised the students to develop a problem solving approach while they are still studying as it is a desired skill. He shared about the needs to multi task while at work and to be flexible as sometimes he is required to work out of the corporate office or sometimes at the client locations spread across India. Hence, those who would like to have a career in this field, need to master the art of managing people across geographies and quickly adapt themselves to changing environments and situations. He moved on to share that upon graduation from the institute in 2012, he joined Safexpress at their Chennai office which was a difficult experience for them due to the cultural differences. However, he was able to manage the shift due to his flexible nature, thereby reiterating that the MBA students must take team work seriously and adapt themselves to work with all sorts of people irrespective of their backgrounds or regional affiliations. He shared with the students about shifting to Siesta Logistics where he handled Q Shop (retail chain of Sahara group) at Gonda (UP) taking care of 900 SKUs before joining DHL. Having shifted three jobs in two years, Mr Afzal understood that management students would ask him about feasibility of changing jobs so frequently. He shared with the students that changing jobs always has a trade off between profile, own interests, brand name, pay package and location. But it is a decision that one must take. If good opportunities come, they should not be ignored simply because of the time factor.

When Mr Afzal shared about the Prospects of new jobs and career growth in International Business and Marketing in the current job market and in the years to come, the MBA students felt excited and more determined to excel in this field. In order to help them prepare better for placements, Mr. Afzal encouraged them to brush up their skills from the point of view of Interview preparedness. He asked them to brush up key concepts of Supply Chain Management, International Logistics, India's Foreign Trade Policies and Marketing. He warned them that while the initial pay package of (Rs 2-3 Lacs per annum) might not look exciting, they should understand that companies make huge investment in on the job training and in due course with the correct attitude and hard work, everyone can earn lucrative packages. He asked them to focus on deep learning that they can get in the initial days of their first job, and it would ensure that their career progresses exponentially.

Mr. Afzal’s inputs were highly realistic, informative and inspirational. The entire session at the institute lasted for over an hour and was extremely interactive. Students left the room excited, encouraged and determined to work on the points, Mr Afzal shared.

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