Students learn about CSR issues from Mr. Mohit Raj
31 March 2014

On 31st March, students pursuing MBA from the institute, had the opportunity to attend a guest lecture by Mr. Mohit Raj, Founder, TYCIA Foundation (Turn Your Concern into Action Foundation)-

who talked about the contemporary CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) scenarios in India. He discussed how Corporates deal with CSR and the protocols they follow.

He talked about the roles and responsibilities of Corporates and how they operate incorporating Social Responsibility as an integral part of the wealth creation process. His talk covered the directives and processes that corporates have to follow to create a sustainable CSR Policy. The new Act guidelines were reiterated, which have specific directions about what the CSR policy should include and what not.

Taking the discussion further, Mr. Mohit highlighted the need for a transparent monitoring mechanism to map the activities of Corporates in this regard. This was followed by an emphasis on India’s current and potential CSR scenario and how it is yet to be integrated into the core of many business enterprises. The lecture initiated by the college, was directed towards finding an effective approach to CSR, which could enhance brand and company reputation by increasing efficiency and also by reducing the risk of business disruptions and give rise to new opportunities driving innovation and contributing to social development.

To demonstrate the connection between CSR and Social Organizations, Mr. Mohit talked for a few minutes about TYCIA, a Trust founded by him. The mission of the Trust is to provide free education to children who don’t have quality education otherwise. Sharing real stories and pictures about the Trust, he explained how a great cause as such has become possible only due to CSR support from a few organizations.

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