Understanding logistics with Mr Ashish Negi
04 January 2014

On January 3rd 2014, MBA students of FIIB got a wonderful opportunity to listen to Mr Ashish Negi, Project Implementation & First Choice- Director, from DHL Supply Chain about various Logistics operations. The central focus of Mr Negi’s lecture was based around the Costs and Cost Drivers in the field of Logistics.

Mr Negi started off by pointing out how logistics with a $3.5 trillion turnover at a global level has been a growing market phenomenon. The Indian Market share is approx. $90 billion, growing at 8-10% every year, which means there would be immense scopes for business and employment in the coming years.

While talking about the ABC’s of logistics process and operations in detail, Mr Negi came up with interesting examples like that of an external hard drive going for a repair work within the warranty period and also a few P & G good practices. In this phase, he explained how logistics cost is split at various levels like- transport, warehousing, Inventories, order processing etc. With practical examples, it was shown how a systematic management process takes care of the various activities in logistics. Getting the right amount of goods to the right place, that too in the right time is critical- since the customer demands are unpredictable and dynamic now-a-days. In order to succeed in today’s market; the companies must be able to understand the trends and deliver on time. On discussing about the factors that incur costs in logistics operations he also talked about the kinds of hidden costs such as training, customization, data conversion etc.

To generate an interactive vibe, Mr Negi engaged MBA students with his occasional questions pertaining to the topic of the lecture and examples that asked for innovative thinking. It was indeed a learning experience for the students of the college.

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