Unlocking the secrets of a successful life: An Informal Session with FIIB Alumnus
August 23, 2014

In a session on 23rd August 2014, with FIIB Alumnus Mr. Abhishek Bansal (Class of 2001) at the institute, PGDM students learnt about the small steps that one can take to make a successful living. Through the session on the lines of ‘Exclusive Coaching’, Mr. Abhishek talked about habits that one needs to develop in order to be successful in life. He laid a lot of importance on reading, especially newspapers, as being aware of the events in the country and world is crucial and imperative.

During the session, Mr. Abhishek highlighted how technology has made lives of students comfortable and students of PGDM should take it to their advantage by downloading NDTV and other apps so that they can get frequent updates on events across the world and keep themselves updated and abreast with activities. He also urged them to set goals and prioritize their work in order to complete all the tasks. He encouraged them to develop the right attitude, which is to accept work without space for excuses and reasons.

He shared his own experience of studying at the institute, and the mistakes he made, that he would encourage students to not make. He reiterated that in today’s competitive, fast moving and changing environment, one needs to do away with myopic view of getting the first job. Instead, one needs to develop long lasting habits that can make one successful and independent with an illustrious career.

He sensitized them to the corporate world, where the comfort of parents and faculty is not there, and scope of making mistakes and being casual is restricted. He informed the students that during hiring, HR managers look for three key things- Knowledge, Attitude and Skills. They want PGDM students with basic domain knowledge and clear concepts to be a part of the team. Every organization wants employees who have a ‘go getting’ attitude and are not hesitant to step out of their comfort zone to work and achieve targets. It is imperative that an aspiring candidate proves themselves to a cultural fit in the organization and hence well groomed candidates with good dressing sense and good etiquettes are always preferred.

While discussing the academics, Mr. Abhishek encouraged MBA students to focus on their Internships and work on it passionately. He told them to not compromise on the project and not be organization driven. He explained that recruitment interviews can rely heavily on the internship and the projects students undertake. The session closed at the college with discussing some articles (dating as old as 1999) Mr Abhishek had brought with him to prepare MBA students for the next leg of their lives.

The informal session, called ‘Chai pe Charcha’, encourages and enables MBA students to interact with FIIB Alumni and ask questions that bother them in order to gain maximum from the experience.

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