Workshop on Organic Farming at FIIB Campus
July 27, 2014

Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) Delhi hosted an interactive workshop on 27th July 2014 titled “Grow Organic Vegetables @ Home” which was organized by Sajeev Fresh. Sajeev Fresh provides professional planning and design services as well as implementation and management of farms and gardens. The college community got an exclusive opportunity to learn simple, stress free and organic ways of growing fresh vegetables and herbs while turning backyard or terrace into a garden of organic bounty.

Workshop started at the college, with discussing reasons on the need and importance of growing organic vegetables. “Over 80000 chemicals used in the vegetables we eat have never been tested for efficacy and safety.” said Mr Kapil Mandawawela, Founder of Sajeev Fresh. Mr. Kapil Mandawawela explained how organic farming is the only solution to the growing concern of chemicals and shared few benefits of Organic Farming:
  • Better Nutrition: Organic food is richer in nutrients, as organic farming enhances the nutrients of the soil which is passed on to the plants and animals.
  • Free of Poison: Organic farming does not use poisonous chemicals, pesticides and weedicides.
  • Enhanced Taste: Organic food often tastes better than other food. The sugar content in organically grown fruits and vegetables provides them with extra taste.
  • Longer Shelf–Life: Organic plants have greater metabolic and structural integrity, which enables storage of organic food for a longer time

In addition, organic farming reduces food expenditure and one can practice this as hobby as well.

How to grow your own food?

With lack of enough space for organic farming a major obstacle, Mr. Mandawewala shared few interesting ideas on how one can turn the backyards, terrace, balconies or windows into beautiful and vegetable breeding place.

Some important guidelines were given on different methods and techniques to be considered before starting the organic farming. Following are the important points to be noted:
  • Preparing the Soil- Good healthy soil helps build strong, productive plants.
  • Choose right plants and Crop Rotation- It is important to choose plants that are well adjusted to each spot, in terms of light, moisture, drainage and soil quality. In addition, rotating of crops is equally important as this balances the nutrient level in the soil.
  • Plant Crops in Wide Boxes- Plants that we will be harvesting should be grouped tightly in boxes, as it reduces weeding and water waste. Ample space between rows helps promote air circulation, which repels fungal attacks.
  • Timely Irrigation- Just remember to water your plants every day in evening.
  • Stay away from Toxic Pesticides- We can use buttermilk and red chilly powder as power pesticides.
  • Timely Harvesting- Timely harvesting ensures more crops.

The workshop was a part of FIIB’s sustainability initiatives through which the institute sensitizes the community towards growing needs of environment friendly activities. The college also takes pride in being amongst only PGDM colleges in Delhi who have solid waste management system and regular recycling drives. Read more about FIIB’s initiatives here
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