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Elevating Employability Beyond Conventional Methods

At FIIB, we share your vision for the future, and that's why employability development is integrated throughout the FIIB MBA Program. Innovative experiences in the form of in-class experiential learning and skill-building programs nurture students' academic prowess, overall complementing classroom activities. We collaborate internally, across faculty, and externally with industry to provide students with a quality education that makes them employable and perform well in their careers.


At FIIB we believe in shaping not just your immediate future but your entire career journey. Our comprehensive approach to employability will set you on a path to lifelong success. To help you reach your high career aspirations, our world-class Career Management team is at your side from the moment you start at FIIB. All the way from admissions to graduation and throughout your career, we’re here to help you.

  • Our expert career counselors offer personalized guidance to help you identify your strengths, interests, and career goals
  • Through one-on-one sessions, you'll gain valuable insights and create a roadmap for your professional journey.
  • Explore a world of connections through our networking events, alumni associations, and industry meetups.
  • Build valuable relationships that open doors to exciting career prospects
Career Services
  • Attend our career-focused workshops, job fairs, and industry-specific seminars.
  • Gain practical skills, insights, and direct access to employers seeking top talent.
  • With a proven track record, our school connects students with sought-after job opportunities.
  • We're dedicated to ensuring you secure internships, full-time positions, and career advancements
Post Graduate
  • Our commitment to your success doesn't end with graduation.
  • Access ongoing support, job search assistance, and resources to navigate career advancements confidently


Our Mentoring Program is designed to work with students beyond the classroom by building confidence and relationships, developing resilience and character, raising aspirations, and thus contributing to their success beyond just developing specific academic skills or knowledge. Delivered by our capable and concerned faculty, it is built on positive personal relationships between the student and faculty.



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Mentorship Imapct - Student Stories

Motivates me when I’m frustrated, and teaches me how to believe in myself.

Ritika khanna

Batch 2023-25

The support and guidance I receive make me feel confident.

Anurag Chaubey

Batch 2022-24

My mentor provided me with the tools and guidance to articulated my thoughts effectively.

Pranav Chakerwarti

Batch 2023-25

My mentors made me realize the capability to achieve my dreams - I’ve successfully organized a fundraiser event.

Kanika Bisht

Batch 2022-24

Never fail to connect at least once a month – whether it be by email, phone, video chat, or preferably, in person.


Batch 2022-24

The person I count on for academic and personal guidance, their motivation helped me overcome stage fear.

Khushi Srivastava

Batch 2022-24

Always focus on the positive side of life, helping me improve and learn with enthusiasm

Ashiya Sharma

Batch 2022-24

The mentoring sessions have undeniably added a lot of positive aspects to my personality. My mentor constantly motivates me to push my boundaries and evolve.

Pulkit Kashyap

Batch 2022-24

My mentor is like a compass in the journey of life, always pointing me towards the path of growth and self-discovery.


Batch 2022-24

I have gained a trustworthy supporter, a confidant, an advocate, and an ally.


Batch 2022-24

They illuminate the path toward life goals, teaching me ways to improve my weaker areas while always approaching things positively.

Mansi Kumari

Batch 2022-24

They’ve always been there to help me in everything, not just academics. I learn a lot from my mentor, including presentation skills and how to face challenges.

Palak Goel

Batch 2022-24

They have been a blessing for an introvert like me, helping me realize my potential. My interview success is my gratitude to them.

Piyush Ranjan

Batch 2021-23

Unparalleled Support that Opens Myriad Of Possibilities



Work with you beyond the classroom to build confidence and relationships, develop resilience and character



Offer advice on how to navigate the academic rigors, share insights on corporate experiences



Helps in building employability skills, prepares you for the best possible job placements and focus on  your long term career success



Helps you explore career options, identify interests, and develop strategies for achieving career goals



Offers a unique perspective on career paths and networking opportunities that can help students navigate their future careers



Connects you with potential employers, giving access to valuable industry insights and networking opportunities

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