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Your organization needs top talent to deliver on today’s strategy and get ready for where you’re going next. The Career Management Center helps make that happen. We stay ahead of the curve as innovations and industry demand impact our students’ career interests. The center provides students agile, extensive services to launch successful careers in wide-ranging industries and functions impacted by technology, data, and the power of analytics.

Our graduates are ready to help you build the future. From day one.

“FIIB’s ever-evolving curriculum lets students solve real business problems with guidance from industry leaders and expert faculty. Graduates are well-prepared to navigate changes and help organizations succeed."

Dr. Kshamta Chauhan, Dean-Academics


Our Talent


A strong academic background, leadership potential, and the desire to excel in business are essential requirements at FIIB Delhi.


with a Purpose


FIIB Delhi offers a curriculum designed to meet the ever-evolving industry demands. Providing a curriculum that stands the test of time is our top priority.


Focus on soft skills and
holistic development


A range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and events are offered to students at the institute that are designed to help them grow as individuals and as professionals.




FIIB graduates embody an entrepreneurial spirit, fostering innovation, problem-solving, and proactive approaches for a dynamic and impactful workforce.



of Triumph


Internship Opportunities:
Cultivate Talent for Tomorrow

Explore internships and empower emerging talent. Connect with our students for valuable learning experiences and skill development.

Full-Time Placements:
Hire Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Discover top-tier graduates. Post full-time opportunities and shape your team with skilled, innovative, and forward-thinking FIIB talent.

Ways to engage with FIIB

Hire our students:

Get to know our students on a personal level, identify the best ways to connect to them, and ensure the right talent reaches you. Our CMC team strives to build long-lasting relationships with our employer partners.

Enroll students for internships:

Our students aspire to outperform in their internships, a 3-month stint during the months of April-June

Industry panels:

Showcase your organization's expertise and leadership through a campus event focused on topical issues in your sector.

Site visits:

We can help to organize site visits to your locations or other industry venues, creating opportunities to show students your environment and introduce them to your teams.

Develop your talent:

FIIB's executive development programs will empower your team to solve specific business challenges. Our experts will work with your company to tailor a program to meet your unique needs.

Join our Corporate Advisory Board:

Get an opportunity to assist in the institute’s initiatives. Partner with us, and ensure mutual long-term success and growth. Join the distinguished network to experience an inherent credibility and excellence.


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