Weaving Sustainability
Into Our Curriculum

At FIIB, we recognize that tomorrow's leaders must be equipped to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to our sustainability policy; seamlessly woven into every facet of our programs and campus culture. To complement it, our unique mix of academicians, researchers, and industry practitioners employ innovative teaching methods in an intellectually stimulating, analytics-driven, and socially conscious environment - enriching each student's learning curve.

Sustainable Excellence Across Disciplines

At FIIB, sustainability is not confined to specific courses—it's seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our entire curriculum, preparing students to encounter sustainability concepts in a cross-disciplinary manner.

Sustainability and Ethics in Marketing
Socially Responsible Marketing
Ethical and Legal behaviour of firm CSR and Sustainability
Permission MarketingPrivacy Issues
Carbon Footprint Calculation
Triple bottom line
Corporate governance concept
Construction of the Portfolio of ESG-ranked companies
Identification of their resilience pre-post covid
Portfolio Analysis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Stocks
Operations & Business Analytics
Sustainability in Supply Chain Management
Start-ups case-based problem-solving
Sustainable Logistics
Business Problems around sustainability
International Business
Green and Responsible Logistics for Socio-Economic Development across continents
Principles and practices of Sustainable Logistics in MNCs
Aspects of sustainability in Organization Structures, Globalization and HR and Diversity Management
HR practices for Sustainability

Student Testimonials

Connecting Classroom Wisdom to Community Impact

FIIB's commitment to creating well-rounded professionals is evident in the fusion of classroom teachings and impactful experiences like the Social Internship Program. My stint with "The Inclusive Divyangjan Entrepreneur Association - IDEA" allowed me to contribute meaningfully to society and reinforced the importance of ethical leadership.

Tritap Nasan Nayak, Batch 2022-24

Sustainability is an integral part of our curriculum

At FIIB sustainability isn't just taught; it's ingrained in every lesson, echoed in every campus experience. My SIP with Sakshi NGO was a practical application of these principles. The faculty's distinctive combination of theoretical insights and hands-on teachings equipped me to integrate sustainability into our professional journey seamlessly.

Alisha Zaidi, Batch 2022-24

A Holistic Experience of Growth and Impact

The emphasis on socially conscious leadership at FIIB has transformed how I approach problem-solving, making me a better student and a more responsible and compassionate individual. The Social Internship Program (SIP) with “UDAYAN CARE” allowed me to contribute to the community and enriched my understanding of social issues, making my academic journey at FIIB intellectually stimulating and, socially conscious and responsible.

Rohit Rawat, Batch 2022-24

Learning Beyond Boundaries

The seamless blend of academic rigour and practical exposure makes FIIB's teaching approach truly unique and effective. As a part of my Social Internship Program, I had the privilege of working with "AMRIT FOUNDATION OF INDIA", which encouraged me to apply classroom theories to address societal needs.

Anjali Shukla, Batch 2022-24

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