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Step into the future with our Strategic Plan, a blueprint for transformation and innovation. Guided by a commitment to excellence, we embark on a journey of growth, inclusivity, and impact. Our plan is more than a roadmap; it's a promise to shape tomorrow's leaders, cultivate cutting-edge research, and elevate our global standing. With a focus on agility and relevance, we're crafting an educational experience that anticipates and meets the challenges of the future. Join us in this collective pursuit of excellence, where each strategic initiative is a step toward a brighter, more impactful future for all.

Together, let's turn aspirations into achievements, and carve a path toward a future defined by educational excellence and societal impact.



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The FIIB Inside-Out Approach

How do our values define our behavior and personality

What makes us stand apart are our people - students, alumni, faculty and staff members, who through their actions make FIIB truly unique and distinctive. Together we all stand for one belief - #neverstoplearning, underpinned by a strong bed of shared values. These values act as our moral compass guiding us, and as a reason why we are perceived by the external world as possessing certain traits which form the crux of our personality. What connects the values to our personality are our patterns of thinking, feeling, interacting with others - the behaviors that we exhibit. Explained another way we can think of these three layers come to play if we visualize an iceberg. What’s hidden under water and not visible, yet at the same time it is the foundation, is our Values, our fundamental beliefs. This is the Who We Are. These values determine our day to day actions and behaviours. This is the What We Do. What’s above the water is our personality. This is the How We Come Across.





Promote Excellence in Teaching and Research

Enhance position as a leading research and teaching institution by fostering a vibrant and successful research community and encouraging innovative teaching practices

  • Recruit, develop and retain faculty who are competent, committed, and can contribute to enhancing FIIB’s teaching and research initiatives
  • Raise the quantum of research output and improve its quality
  • Enhance support for improving teaching effectiveness



Deliver Exemplary Market Relevant Programs

Actively engage with organizations across industries to co-develop managerial talent equipped with knowledge and skills required to take up leadership roles and aptly respond to the challenges of business and society

  • Improve the portfolio of programs offered by FIIB
  • Shape the curriculum in a way that it is contemporary, progressive, and relevant to the business and social needs
  • Continue to improve the quality of the FIIB programs



Ensure a Distinctive Learning Experience that Fosters Students’ Success

Be a learning laboratory which provides dynamic models of education to prepare students to face business, leadership and ethical challenges that emerge over a career life cycle

  • Empower students to make informed decisions about their learning
  • Provide transformational education through enhanced experiential learning
  • Further the development of their employability quotient and life-long learning mindset



Strengthen Physical, Virtual, & Financial Infrastructure

Create a resource infrastructure supportive of collaboration, flexibility, and personalization which responds to the changing role of the institute in an efficient manner

  • Align our physical infrastructure such that we continue to develop, adapt and improve in a complex, competitive and changing higher education environment
  • Drive the setup of a robust and secure next-gen cyber infrastructure that lays the foundation for the changing information technology needs of FIIB
  • Promote financial sustainability through effective resource allocation



Enhance Outreach and Engagement with Wider Community

Create a structure and culture that facilitates and values long-term partnerships with external stakeholders in ways that identify, develop, implement and monitor shared aims and aspirations for the mutual benefit of all parties

  • Engage with our local and regional community and neighbourhoods in ways that have an impact on the economic growth and quality of lives
  • Send a clear signal of FIIB’s commitment to partner with our communities and to fundamentally transform our ability to do so
  • Continue to make progress towards our three fold campus sustainability goals - Academic, Operational, and Community.



Capacity Development

Develop and maintain capabilities to achieve our development objectives over time, especially through our governance systems, power of our community as well as our reputation

  • Develop a governance framework and structure to enable broad consultation without compromising timely decisions
  • Develop into a Community of Choice
  • Enhance FIIB’s reputation and market position with an integrated communications and marketing strategy

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