Pre Term

Every year, a four week Pre Term Program is designed for management graduates of the incoming batch with the aim to help them know their college, batchmates, seniors and faculty better. Through the Pre Term, the MBA students of the college attend carefully designed and structured sessions that bring together case studies, team games, innovative management lessons and out-of-the-box thinking to facilitate enjoyable and informative sessions. Pre Term proves to be an excellent way to break ice and orient diploma holder to the teaching pedagogy, learning principles, core values and exciting environment at the college.

The typical sessions during Pre Term include

  1. Know Thy Classmates Session: An ice breaker game carefully designed to help new batchmates know each other, to give them a general idea of managerial education and also provide an opportunity for faculty to gauge a student’s capability

  2. FIIB Masterchef: As the name suggests, new FIIB-ians dawn the chef’s hat in this innovative game which brushes up their negotiation and strategy skills.

  3. Industry Interaction Sessions: Several industry interaction sessions are planned for MBA students of the college to meet industry speakers and old graduates to hear first hand experiences about industry and the college

  4. Working Together: Several team games are planned to introduce ‘team spirit’ within the management grads since an important component of studying at the college means group presentations and team work

  5. Introduction to Case Studies: New FIIB-ians are introduced to case study method of teaching which forms an important part of their curriculum at the college

  6. Interaction with seniors: Through fun sessions like ‘movie night’, ‘freshers’ and outdoor activities like ‘bowling’ and ‘ice skating’, the college seniors welcome the new batch.
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