In 2011, FIIB Delhi instituted a leadership development module for selected graduates who, based on their first year performance and some demonstrated potential for greater development are selected into this program. Called the FIIB Leadership Program (FLP) the purpose of this program is to develop life-long skills sets in the area of career, professional and leadership development, as well as to provide an understanding of the scope of the challenging professional environment. To accomplish this goal, the program is designed to incorporate required and optional academic coursework, career development programming and leadership development opportunities blended in a defined course of progression that ensures well-rounded opportunities for student development and preparedness. A mix of academic & extra-curricular activities & assignments is created to hone leadership potential of the college graduates.

FLP Advantage

  1. Leadership Labs to introspect and learn pon aspects like Interpersonal skills, Organizational skills and Personal qualities like Assertiveness, Ethics, Self-discipline & Empathy.
  2. NonProfit Leadership Venture, wherein MBA graduates intern with NGOs like CSSAR, ASER and Udayan Care
  3. Corporate Live Projects, wherein management grads undertake Live Projects in companies with a corporate mentor. Students doing MBA are already attached with Dun & Bradstreet, Aon Hewitt, Glaxo SmithKline and WH Smith
  4. Outbound Leadership Journey where management graduates of the college are taken for an Outbound team-building exercise away from the college campus & in natural surroundings.
  5. Special Guest lectures with Senior Managers- Speakers from Cargill Foods & Lacoste have met the FLP cohort.

Plavon: Through the leadership platform at the college, I have learnt the art of presenting facts and figures underlining the source as accuracy can be brought in only when we are aware of the efficacy of the source. This helped me walk that extra mile with ease and conviction while conducting research, sharing information and making presentations.

Ashish: I found FLP to be the platform where I could share my creativity with individuals I could connect and relate to. I explored myself a lot in every FLP session that I attended.

Priyanka: I got a chance to associate with an NGO, ASER which helped me explore my philanthropic side & do some great research work for their HR management. Being an HR specialist, I completely enjoyed the work.

Nupur: I loved the corporate interactions that we had, especially the session with Mr. Vikram Anand, Head Marketing, Cargill Foods. We learnt something new in every session FLP held.

Sonal: I had time management issues and low self confidence as a Leader. Through FLP, I overcame the former and also got lots of chances to demonstrate and explore my capacities as a Leader which was no less than a feather in my cap!

Vikas: I am a cricket fan and when we were asked to present on A Leader of my Choice I chose MS Dhoni. I thought I knew him, but this exercise made me explore his traits in greater detail and over time I have tried to imbibe a number of his characteristics and I think I have become a better leader.

Dhruv: While academics has never been a problem, I am not very confident in public speaking. Through the various platforms I have pushed myself in being a more confident person. The NGO project forced me to go and speak with banks for creating a gateway for donation. I have never done anything like this before.

Sugandha: I thought getting marks was the ‘be all’. But FLP forced me to explore many more facets. I even succeeded in content development when I prepared the website for an NGO, CSSAR, with whom I was attached for a couple of months.

Ankit: Being a part of FLP gave me the confidence to lead other activities in my college like the Udaan club, which is an Entrepreneurship club at the college. I have also been involved with an NGO, CSSAR.

Ajay: I have been involved in many activities at the MBA college campus, however FLP gave me the platform to work for an NGO, ASER where I had to step beyond my comfort zone and work on projects for varied topics like Woman & Child nutrition and Maternal issues in India. I was flummoxed at first, but I absolutely enjoyed the experience.

Rakshet: FLP pushed me to the limit as I multi tasked between my classes, projects, FLP sessions that ran late into the evenings, NGO project, corporate guest sessions etc. Today, I can work well even in tiring conditions and balance many activities simultaneously without feeling the stretch.

Shreesti: I was probably the first applicant for FLP, and from August till now I have seen changes in me that I love. I especially enjoyed the Corporate Etiquette training session, and believe me when I say, now I truly appreciate power dressing. I also manage the FaceBook page of the NGO, CSSAR which is a big boost for me!!

Gurpreet: I am a very happy-go-lucky person, so for me to get selected in FLP was a big achievement by itself. Since then I have attended all sessions of FLP seriously, done all projects with dedication, interacted with corporate speakers, and loved every bit. I truly love the team that we have here.

Jatin: FLP made me realize certain weaknesses that I had been trying to brush under the carpet. My biggest problem area was written communication and fear of public speaking. But after the completion of the program, I can vouch for the fact that I can speak with greater confidence write much better than before. I hope someday to start a blog.

Libin: I am waiting for the day when all of us get placed and I can throw a party for my FLP friends and also cook for them. I love cooking and photography, but FLP made me realize I also love research. I have done lot of research for the NGO, ASER that I got an opportunity to work for.

Lijin: I am often cynical but being involved with FLP has forced me to do introspection, & now I appreciate smaller things in life. I am more relaxed in my approach and all the projects have made me value time, which I believe is the scarcest thing in my life.

Sijo: My favourite moment was the launch of FLP. I felt special that day and my sense of belongingness to the college strengthened. I have learnt the most from corporate guest sessions especially the sessions on CV readiness and interview preparedness.

Ravi: I am always enthusiastic in everything that I do. FLP was another platform where I wanted to experiment with a few more things. I loved working with the NGO, CSSAR. Teaching the little children was an eye opener. My project with AON Hewitt which is about to commence has also been thanks to FLP.

Utkarsh: FLP has been like a launch pad for me for many activities- whether it was working for an NGO, Udayan Care; interviewing Alumni of our college; working for FIIB’s conferences or working with Airtel for their Delhi Marathon. I have found many avenues to display my leadership skills.

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