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Next Open House on – 26th June 2021



TEDxFIIB 3.0 is a platform to give voice to the spirited individuals and organizations who’ve pivoted and persisted in the worst of times to launch ideas that’ve zoomed them, their organizations, or all of mankind into the next orbit. This December, let’s come together to give wings to some more flights to soar higher.

TedxFIIB Objectives

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    To know, grow and learn from other’s experiences and life journeys and TED is the right platform to do so.
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    To fuel holistic development of students and also of the whole FIIB community.
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    To inculcate a lifelong learning mindset and to take FIIB’s motto of ‘Never Stop Learning’ to an entire new level.


The strongest of birds fly with an unbending faith that no matter what, they will make it to their destination safely. It takes both courage and determination to ‘Fly against the Wind’. Some give up midway and some rest only after reaching the destination of success and a better tomorrow. Join us on December 5th, 2020 at TedxFIIB 3.0 to listen in to some motivating stories of resilience and resolve from the souls who stood tough when it mattered the most. This year, we have a high representation of speakers from our own community – Student, Faculty, Alumni – as they too have their own stories and ideas worth telling and spreading to the rest of the world through this exciting platform. For more details on TedxFIIB and to register for TedXFIIB 3.0 https://tedxfiib.fiib.edu.in/
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