As a B-school determined to transform its management graduates, FIIB not only emphasizes on theoretical knowledge of management, but to work on employability of its MBA graduates. It is towards this endeavor that the college organises Sankalp every year. Sankalp is the Employability Fest at the college which gives an opportunity to graduates pursuing MBA, to assess their employability quotient through Assessment Centers, Industry Sessions and Management Games.

Every year, Sankalp proves to be a one of its kind learning experience aimed at inducing interest in management grads through real-life experiences that bring out the best of their managerial abilities and strengths. Through the three-day event, MBA students interact with experienced professionals from the industry and sit through variety of sessions and competitions to make them ’employment ready’.

Sankalp is an amalgamation of a variety of sessions that help the management grads learn, experience and gauge their industry skills and understand and assess the gaps. Some of the following sessions have been held at Sankalp by noted Industry Trainers

  • Making Effective Presentations
  • Tracking Creative Boundaries
  • Goal Setting
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • 7Cs of Communication
  • In Tray Exercises
  • Effective Time Management
  • Industry Quotient Analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership Learning
To make the process of learning more exciting, a host of management games and presentation competitions are also planned during Sankalp. Debates are organised to provide an interactive forum where the graduates can discuss important issues while Team Games like ‘Entrepreneur in You’, ‘Silent Talker’, ‘Dumb Charades with a twist’, ‘Ad-Mad’ and others are organised for management grads to realize their mettle. Special sessions on Case Study Analysis, Understanding Management through interesting ways like studying Bhagwad Gita is what makes Sankalp unique. The most important aspect of being Managers and Leaders is to excel in communication skills. While the college has dedicated in-house faculty for Soft Skills Training, Sankalp includes focused sessions on presentation skills, public speaking and debates. The MBA graduates are given various situations which are a simulation to everyday events that they may face at their workplaces. They thoroughly enjoy this hands-on learning experience and learn some important facets of public speaking.
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