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Vision & Values

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For over a quarter of a century, FIIB has been a provider of quality business education. Counted among India’s top 50 management colleges, it is a management institute par excellence and among the top 10 PGDM colleges in the Delhi NCR region.

We are a close-knit community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and corporate partners – a community proud of the mission, vision, and values we share. Our size and focus allow us to interact with our students, alumni and recruiters as individuals so that we can better understand and help each achieve their goals. We aim to provide future business leaders with the skills, knowledge and personal qualities needed to meet the business and social challenges facing the 21st-century world. We are intensely and proudly competitive with the best.

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Our Mission

To Advance the Practice of Management, and Develop Leader-Managers of Business and Social Relevance.

  • G1. Promote Excellence in Teaching
  • G2. Promote Excellence in Research
  • G3. Promote Excellence in Stewardship

Deliver student-centered, intellectually challenging programs to the highest standards in technology-rich and immersive environments, and develop students for their roles in society and a global workplace


Why We Exist

To develop success-ready leader-managers who drive growth in their communities and professions


What We Offer

An exemplary individual focused and career-oriented education that challenges every student to develop the right attitude, problem-solving abilities, and management skills for their long term career success


How We Make it Happen

By providing a strong knowledge foundation, rigorous experiential training, and a career-empowering community

Support the production of high-quality scholarship that advances business practices, and is built upon a foundation of rigorous, scientific inquiry and an interdisciplinary approach.


Why We Exist

To improve the integration of research and education in the main and emerging areas of business, so as to impact the advancement of management practices


What We Offer

Interdisciplinary, responsible research practices in alignment with ethical principles aimed at developing scholars and teachers alike


How We Make it Happen

By creating an outstanding climate of support for our faculty and doctoral researchers that includes strategically investing in promising research and researchers, as well as providing transparent administration, infrastructure, and streamlined processes

Develop broad understanding of societal issues and inspire action for thoughtful, positive change in our communities through our programs, research, and activities undertaken by our students, faculty and alumni

Why We Exist

To build a learning community that positively contributes to tackling societal challenges thereby increasing our impact in the communities we serve to and, most importantly, for future generations


What We Offer

Sustained programs and activities for long-term partnerships with regional social organizations, the industry and public bodies that impact the economic growth and quality of lives in the communities we serve


How We Make it Happen

By empowering our faculty, students and alumni to make a difference through service-learning and volunteering opportunities as well as by continuously tracking our progress by eliciting meaningful feedback from our communities

Our Vision

To be a leading business school globally recognized for excellence in management education.

Our Strategic Priorities

Promote Excellence in Teaching and Research
Enhance position as a
leading research and
teaching institution by
fostering a vibrant and
successful research
community and
encouraging innovative
teaching practices
  1. Recruit, develop and retain faculty who are competent, committed, and can contribute to enhancing FIIB’s teaching and research initiatives
  2. Raise the quantum of reserach output and improve its quality
  3. Enhance support for improving teaching effectiveness
Deliver Exemplary Market Relevant Programs
Actively engage with
organizations across
industries to co-develop
managerial talent equipped
with knowledge and skills
required to take up leader
ship roles and aptly respond
to the challenges of
business and society
  1. Improve the portfolio of programs offered by FIIB
  2. Shape the curriculum in a way that it is contemporary, progressive, and relevant to the business and social needs
  3. Continue to improve the quality of the FIIB programs
Ensure a Distinctive Learning Experience that Fosters Students’ Success
Be a learning laboratory which provides dynamic models of education to prepare students to face business, leadership and ethical challenges that emerge over a career life cycle
  1. Empower students to make informed decisions about their learning
  2. Provide transformational education through enhanced experiential learning
  3. Further the development of their employability quotient and life-long learning mindset
Strengthen Physical, Virtual, & Financial Infrastructure
Create a resource infrastructure supportive of collaboration, flexibility, and personalization which responds to the changing role of the institute in an efficient manner
  1. Align our physical infrastructure such that we continue to develop, adapt and improve in a complex, competitive and changing higher education environment
  2. Drive the setup of a robust and secure next-gen cyber infrastructure that lays the foundation for the changing information technology needs of FIIB
  3. Promote financial sustainability through effective resource allocation
Enhance Outreach and Engagement with Wider Community
Create a structure and culture that facilitates and values long-term partnerships with external stakeholders in ways that identify, develop, implement and monitor shared aims and aspirations for the mutual benefit of all parties
  1. Engage with our local and regional community and neighbourhoods in ways that have an impact on the economic growth and quality of lives
  2. Send a clear signal of FIIB’s commitment to partner with our communities and to fundamentally transform our ability to do so
  3. Continue to make progress towards our three fold campus sustainability goals – Academic, Operational, and Community.
Capacity Development
Develop and maintain capabilities to achieve our development objectives over time, especially through our governance systems, power of our community as well as our reputation
  1. Develop a governance framework and structure to enable broad consultation without compromising timely decisions
  2. Develop into a Community of Choice
  3. Enhance FIIB’s reputation and market position with an integrated communications and marketing strategy

Our Promise

At FIIB, we don’t believe in hyperboles, tall promises or fancy jargons. What we believe in is rigour and a no-nonsense approach to business education. If you enter here with the right attitude and commitment to learning, we would ensure that you will leave with everything you may ever need for achieving long-term career success.



This place will challenge you to achieve your potential, and create opportunities for your future success with the support of committed mentors and lifelong friends you’ll make here.

Faculty and Staff

This place will provide opportunities to teach, mentor, reflect, engage, and make a meaningful difference with your work in your own life as well as of many others.


This place will always hold you close, nourishing your intellectual and career-advancing needs, as well as inspiring those who follow


This place will help you discover and develop skilled, highly motivated, hardworking and career-ready individuals  that will enable you to drive your organization forward.

Our Values

Like a compass that would point to the right direction when lost, our values guide us to make the right choices and take the right decisions always.


We always do what is right! We are honest, hard-working, authentic, and supportive. We are willing to roll-up our sleeves and persevere to get the job done.


We are driven to make an impact in whatever path we choose. We act responsibly and hold ourselves accountable for achieving our goals.


We work collaboratively, providing mutual support, and taking a genuine interest in each other’s success. And that makes us stand out.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are constantly looking ahead and face challenges with optimism.


We value diversity in people, ideas, and contributions, fostering an inclusive environment.

51 Words To Live By

Our Pledge

Handpicked as much for their attitude as their aptitude, chosen for their fiery spirit as well as their skills, our students are oriented to embrace the creed of ‘Enter to Learn, Leave to Succeed’. Our remarkably spirited, dynamic and focused RACERs are capable of driving success in any organisation they join.