The FIIB Promise to
Faculty & Staff

“This place will provide opportunities to teach, mentor, reflect, engage, and make a meaningful difference with your work in your own life as well as of many others.”


What makes FIIB a ‘Great Place To Work’?

"Great Place to Work" certification validates our institute's dedication to pursuing a philosophy that puts people at the center of everything we do, beginning with the FIIB family. Take a moment to hear what members of our close-knit FIIB family have to say about why FIIB is a great place to work.


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Feel proud of joining a responsive & responsible organization that is committed to fulfilling its promise of making a meaningful difference in your life through your work. Being a credible organization with an employee-empathetic work culture, you are treated with care and respect.
Get equitable treatment at FIIB achieved through a participatory decision-making process. You build your role matching your competencies and our goals through our work planning process and get ample opportunities to voice your opinion through one on one and common platforms.
Achieve personal & professional growth at FIIB through our systematic approach to the whole employee through our physical well-being (gym, fitness, on-campus medical consultation), mental well-being (counseling services), social well-being (celebrations, liberal leave policy) programs.
Earn rewards & recognition through our varied schemes designed to recognize your contributions in creating outstanding outcomes for the organization while staying true to our values. We know how to make you feel valued and appreciated.
Expect best-fit compensation & career development opportunities. Through our vast support system of career development (progression opportunities, leadership development program, study support, incentive programs) you will find a fit for your aspirations.
Obtain satisfaction with your work by being a part of a purpose-led, people-first work culture, and thereby get to contribute to the greater good and make an impact with your work on your own life and that of others.

we work?

People at FIIB make a meaningful difference in the community they are a part of. Some of us engage directly with students, some with the corporate, and some with the research fraternity. Together, we all stand for one belief - #NeverStopLearning and a hard-working culture with a commitment to learning and excellence.

The FIIB culture is built on the following six principles each of us abides by, and if you can also live by these principles, you will be a perfect match for the organization.

Delivering Results

Taking personal responsibility for follow through on all FIIB assignments within agreed deadlines.
  • Plan and carry out projects with well-defined goals, milestones and outcomes
  • Establish priorities to meet deadlines & report periodically on the project progress
  • Maintain focus and persevere even in the face of obstacles

Actioning For Improvements

Show commitment to continuous learning and improvement of self, others, and FIIB
  • Show a willingness to continuously learn and grow & stay current with techniques and technologies
  • Learn from your mistakes and successes to find better work methods
  • Seek and accept constructive feedback from others

Embracing Change

Champion new ideas and initiatives for FIIBs growth with enthusiasm
  • Have an open mind about new ideas and proposals & hear out the views of others to identify better ways of working
  • Be realistic about challenges faced by change and be willing to face them
  • Be mindful of the challenges and trends facing the organization and suggest ideas for growth & encourage others to be the agents of change

Demonstrating Excellence

Working at consistently high standards to provide best possible results for ‘customers’ in the FIIB community
  • Have an open mind about new ideas and proposals & hear out the views of others to identify better ways of working
  • Be realistic about challenges faced by change and be willing to face them
  • Be mindful of the challenges and trends facing the organization and suggest ideas for growth & encourage others to be the agents of change

Investing In Relationships

Work cooperatively with others to achieve team and FIIBs strategic goals
  • Accept and provide feedback in a constructive and considerate way
  • Recognize the role of conflict when appropriate and address it appropriately
  • Show accountability to the team and follow through on your commitments

Sorting Out Problems

Developing creative, workable solutions to problems that improve processes and outcomes at FIIB
  • Consider multiple sides of an issue & weigh consequences before making a final decision
  • Recognize issues & determine actions needed to advance the decision-making process
  • Test proposed solutions against the reality of likely effects before going forward & evaluate the chosen course of action after it has been implemented to determine its worth and impacts

Current Openings

Looking to elevate your career to new heights? Look no further!

If you are someone who takes charge of your destiny and is constantly looking for new ways to improve yourself, then FIIB is the place for you. Take a gander at all the job openings and apply to the ones that suit you the best. It's not just a job that you’ll be applying to but to a whole new experience in itself.

Can't find a role that fits you?

Are you a working professional eager to share your expertise through teaching?

Join FIIB as a visiting faculty member to expand your teaching portfolio, network with industry professionals, access top-notch facilities, and contribute to our dynamic academic community. 

Relationships and Networks

Expand your professional circle at FIIB through vibrant events and conferences, fostering lasting partnerships in both industry and academia.

Ample Satisfaction

Experience career fulfilment with competitive compensation, autonomy, and the pride of contributing to a certified 'Great Place to Work' institution.

Campus Life

Enjoy optimal working conditions and vibrant campus events, creating memorable experiences within our welcoming community.

Evolve to Grow

Embrace growth opportunities through diverse teaching methods, faculty development programs, and collaborative research initiatives.

Recognition Opportunities

Your contributions are celebrated with recognition programs and prestigious awards, honouring excellence in teaching and research.

Flexibility in Schedule

Customize your teaching experience with flexible course delivery options, ensuring a balanced work-life integration.


Welcome to "FIIB Stories," a narrative woven together by ambition, resilience, and triumph. At FIIB, its campus or programs do not just define our institution; it is the collective narrative of the individuals who breathe life into its corridors. Dive into the unique narratives that make up the mosaic of FIIB and witness tales of growth, collaboration, and achievement that transcend the conventional boundaries of a career.

Discover the heartbeat of our institution through the voices of our remarkable employees.


Shruti Chandra

Senior Manager, Research

A Decade of Crafting Meaningful Research at FIIB

Since 2013, I've been a Research Assistant at FIIB. My role as an assistant to the Editor of FIIB Business Review continues today. I've grown with the journal over the past decade, contributing to many of FIIB's successes. As Senior Manager-Research, I've edited books and curated outreach programs, always championing diversity, equity, and inclusion values that deeply resonate with me and are integral to FIIB.

Shruti Chandra

Senior Manager, Research


Kutub Uddin Saikh

Manager, Student Life-Cycle

Rising Through Roles, Embracing Leadership at FIIB

As a Program Assistant, I began my career journey in 2018 at FIIB. The ability to adapt quickly to challenges and evolve within the organization resulted from my genuine commitment to excellence and continuous learning. FIIB values and its growth-oriented environment helped me transform my role from entry-level to managerial responsibility.

Kutub Uddin Saikh

Manager, Student Life-Cycle


Manoranjan Biswal

Assistant Manager, People Success

An Expedition of Growth and Purpose at FIIB

I joined as an Administrative Assistant in 2012, and my journey has been tremendous. Today, as an Assistant Manager - People Success, I oversee HR activities, a role beyond my initial imagination. I am grateful to my mentors, who allowed me to prove myself and evolve. This experience has fueled my professional growth and deepened my sense of purpose within the FIIB family.

Manoranjan Biswal

Assistant Manager, People Success


Anuja Bedi

Senior Manager, Academic Affairs

A Decade of Innovation and Transformation at FIIB

My journey at FIIB has been a ride! Moving from an executive to a Senior Manager is inspiring. Colleagues bring forth innovative ideas, constantly opening up new possibilities. Thinking outside the box is a daily habit. Wearing different 'caps' throughout the day has been transformative. The emotional aspect continues to grow. Anticipation of the path ahead is enriching.

Anuja Bedi

Senior Manager, Academic Affairs


Shivani Sharma

Manager, Visual Communication

From Designing Graphics to Managing Vision

Throughout my five-year tenure at FIIB, the company's dedication and strong culture have shaped my career trajectory from graphic designer to visual communication manager. In addition to shaping my professional career, FIIB has given me a great sense of belonging, all thanks to its innovative leaders and encouraging team. On this fulfilling journey, I am excited to take on new challenges.

Shivani Sharma

Manager, Visual Communication

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