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Turning Tassels: FIIB's 28th Convocation Ceremony Honors Achievements and Inspires Futures

06,MAY 2024

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New Delhi, May 04, 2024: Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) recently celebrated its 28th Annual Convocation Ceremony, a momentous event honoring the exceptional achievements of its graduating cohort of PGDM, PGDM FM, and Fellow Programme in Management (FPM). Held at Niryat Bhawan in New Delhi, the ceremony was graced by distinguished guests, including Mr. Sameer Chadha, CEO of KPMG Global Services, and Ms. Patralekha Mohanty, Director of Tech Cloud Oracle and a distinguished alumna.

The event commenced with a ceremonial lighting of the lamp, followed by a heartfelt address from Prof. Radhika Srivastava, Executive Director of FIIB. Prof. Srivastava underscored the ceremony's significance as a testament to FIIB's enduring commitment to excellence in management education. She emphasized the institute's mission of nurturing professionals equipped with robust managerial skills and grounded in ethical values and social responsibility.

Encouraging the graduating cohort to embody the qualities of principled leadership, effective communication, and collaborative teamwork, Prof. Srivastava urged them to serve as ambassadors of FIIB. She emphasized the transformative potential of their education, empowering them to make a meaningful impact in the world by leading sustainable initiatives, driving innovation, and fostering inclusive environments.
Acknowledging the global challenges of our time, Prof. Srivastava underscored the need for principled problem solvers. She reflected on recent developments such as the rise of generative AI and urgent issues like climate change, highlighting the crucial role that the graduating cohort will play as leaders and changemakers in addressing societal needs.

The CEO of KPMG Global Services, in his address, emphasized the importance of patience and perseverance in building a successful career. He shared insights on overcoming self-doubt and embracing a problem-solving mindset, urging students to cultivate humility and empathy, key traits of effective leaders."In this era of instant gratification, the importance of patience cannot be overstated. Building a successful career takes time, and there are no shortcuts. Make peace with patience, as time always finds a way for talent to shine," Mr. Chadha remarked, reflecting on his own journey.

Recalling a performance equation, he added, "Performance plus potential minus interference. In my experience, one of the biggest interferences is self-doubt. We must overcome the 'what ifs' and embrace a problem-solving mindset for personal growth and to add value to our organizations." Mr. Chadha further illustrated his points with anecdotes and quotes, invoking the metaphor of "Who has packed your parachute?" to highlight the importance of acknowledging the support systems behind individual success. "Nobody succeeds in life alone. There is always someone behind us – faculty, parents, friends, peers. Always remember your roots and the people who have supported you," he emphasized. "It is important to know where you are going in life, but never forget where you came from," Mr. Chadha affirmed, leaving the audience with valuable insights to ponder.

Furthermore, quoting Mark Twain, Ms. Patralekha Mohanty motivated students to leverage the global FIIB community for networking and continuous learning. She emphasized the importance of a growth mindset and encouraged students to dedicate 15 minutes daily to learning, highlighting the compounding effect of consistent effort.

The ceremony also recognized the exceptional academic achievements of the graduating class, with meritorious students receiving medals and awards for their outstanding performances. Notable awardees included:

- ANURAG CHAUBEY: RK Shrivastava All-Rounder Award
- PULKIT KASHYAP & PRITY CHAND: President Gold Medal
- TANYA AGRAWAL: President Silver Medal
- PRITY CHAND: Area Topper in Marketing
- ANSHIKA SALUJA: Area Topper in Finance
- AAKRITI VERMA: Area Topper in OB & HR
-TRITAP NAYAK: Area Topper in Operations Management

Celebrating FIIB's commitment to promoting employability, the ceremony marked the remarkable milestone of 100% placements for the 2024 batch, underscoring FIIB's dedication to providing industry-relevant education. Additionally, the ceremony recognized the brilliance of students from the Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) course, awarding the first batch for their successful completion of their defense thesis. Furthermore, FIIB honored its outstanding faculty and staff members with employee awards, recognizing their dedication and contributions to the institute's success.

As FIIB commemorates 30 years of excellence in management education, it reaffirms its commitment to nurturing professionals equipped to address global challenges and drive meaningful impact in the world.
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