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Pritiman Sarkar - Navigating the Corporate Chessboard

02,DEC 2023

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A journey that began in the year 2000 has unfolded into a tapestry of achievements and milestones for Pritiman Sarkar, a distinguished alumnus of FIIB. Let's delve into the chapters of his corporate saga, from the halls of academia to the boardrooms of global corporations.

Early Beginnings:

Pritiman kickstarted his professional odyssey as a Senior Executive at  Keuhne & Nagel in 2000-2001. Little did he know this was just the beginning of a remarkable expedition.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder:

IBM (2001-2007):

From a Team Leader to Deputy General Manager, Pritiman honed his skills in people management and relationship building.

Deutsche Bank (2008-2012):

Ascending from AVP to Vice President, he marked his presence in the financial sector, showcasing a unique blend of discipline and dedication.

Concentrix (2012-2017):

As the Location Leader in Account Management, Pritiman exhibited his prowess in leadership, steering teams towards success.

Karvy Fintech (2017-2019):

Taking on the role of Vice President and Business Head, Pritiman showcased his versatility in the dynamic fintech landscape.

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd (2019 and onwards):

Currently serving as senior vice president, Pritiman continues to contribute to the finance industry with his strategic insight.

Key Milestones:

Pritiman shares pivotal moments in his journey, highlighting the challenges and triumphs that shaped his career. From overcoming hurdles in campus placements to achieving the Vice President role in 2009, each step was a testament to his perseverance.

Attributes for Success:

Reflecting on his success, Pritiman emphasizes the intersection of opportunity and talent. He advocates the continuous pursuit of knowledge, subject matter expertise, and people engagement as crucial elements for a thriving career.

Personal Touch:

Beyond the boardroom, Pritiman shares a heartwarming aspect of his life—finding love on the campus of FIIB. Coming from a similar professional background, his life partner has been a pillar of support and understanding throughout his journey.

Fondest Memory at FIIB:

Recalling the day Professor Sehgal acknowledged his exceptional performance in International Business, Pritiman describes it as his fondest memory. The glitter and smile on the professor's face at age 65 left an indelible mark.

Unforgettable Achievements:

Pritiman's career peaks include the Gallup 100 Best Managers Award in Washington in 2005 and the IBM Excellence Award in Peoples Management in 2007. These accolades underscore his global recognition in the corporate realm.

As Pritiman Sarkar continues to write his professional story, his journey inspires aspiring professionals. From navigating challenges to celebrating achievements, his narrative encapsulates the essence of a successful career—one built on principles, continuous learning, and seizing opportunities.