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Swati Grover - A Journey of Dedication and Endurance at IKEA

20,JAN 2024

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Meet Swati Grover– A gold medalist at FIIB with a passion for global business, a distinguished member of FIIB's Class of 2006, currently excelling as Global Business Development Manager at IKEA, Sweden. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of a positive attitude and the diverse skill set acquired at FIIB.  

Career Achievements

Swati, a distinguished Gold Medalist from FIIB's Batch of 2004-2006, has excelled academically and garnered significant recognition in her professional journey. Working with IKEA since 2006, she has achieved three promotions and received five rewards for her outstanding performance. However, Swati's most cherished achievement is the unconditional love she receives daily from her family and friends.

 Climbing the Corporate Ladder

* Global Business Development Manager, Sweden: IKEA (2022 onwards)
* Global Deployment Leader, Sweden: IKEA (2021-22)
* Global Cluster Leader, Global Sourcing Specialist (Synthetic Textiles and Assembly Category), Sweden: IKEA (2018-2021)
* Supply Chain Developer, North America: IKEA (2017-2018)
* Business Area Specialist (Textiles and Carpets) Asia Pacific: IKEA (2012-2014)
* Freelance Consultant: Dragon Asia (2011-2012)
* Purchaser (Home Textiles Business Segment): IKEA (2008-2011)
* Supply Planner: IKEA (Indian Trading Office) (2006-2008)

Life Since FIIB  

Swati shares a glimpse into her fulfilling life post-graduation from FIIB. Joining IKEA's Indian Trading Office right after convocation, she started as a Supply Planner but quickly climbed the corporate ladder, becoming the youngest Purchaser in global IKEA within two years. Leading a business segment worth 30 Million euros, she successfully delivered global projects while managing a small team. Swati's adventurous spirit led her to work as a freelance consultant in Canada, and later, she rejoined IKEA in Shanghai as a Business Area Specialist for Textiles and Carpets in the Asia Pacific region.

During her time abroad, Swati experienced diverse cultures, expanding her personal and professional horizons. Living outside India allowed her to learn and speak different languages, contributing to her growth as an individual and a professional.

Managing Academics at FIIB  

Reflecting on her academic journey at FIIB, Swati attributes her success to sincerity and passion for learning. Despite limited resources and time constraints, she pushed forward, overcoming obstacles to achieve her academic goals.

Post-FIIB Learning: Law and International Trade

Driven by her work at IKEA involving legal aspects of international trade, Swati pursued a part-time PG Diploma in International Trade Law from ILI (Supreme Court's Law College). Balancing full-time work with part-time studies, she navigated a demanding period that significantly enhanced her understanding of the subject.

Advice For Aspiring Business Professionals
A seasoned professional, Swati offers succinct advice to aspiring business leaders: Be authentic and genuine to yourself. Success, she believes, stems from embracing your uniqueness and making a positive impact. Stay passionate, sincere, and proactive in seeking growth opportunities. Swati's journey exemplifies that authenticity and continuous skill development pave the way for success in the dynamic business landscape.