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Yashi Shrivastava: Pioneering Progress Through Lifelong Learning

20,JAN 2024

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Meet Yashi Shrivastava, Batch of 2010-2012, FIIB - a shining example of commitment to continuous learning, adaptability, and dedication.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder:

Manager, Research Data & Analytics - Gartner (2021 Onwards): Leading the Research Data & Analytics team at Gartner, overseeing critical functions contributing to strategic goals.
Analyst, Strategy & Corporate Development, S&P Global Market Intelligence (2019-2021): Shaping corporate strategy and contributing to strategic initiatives in the Analyst role.
Senior Research Associate, S&P Global Market Intelligence (2017-2019): Advancing to the position of Senior Research Associate, taking on increased responsibilities and focusing on impactful research.
Data Researcher, S&P Global Market Intelligence (2015-2017): Laying the foundation for analytical skills and attention to detail as a Data Researcher.
Research Associate, S&P Global Market Intelligence (2012-2015): Commencing the professional journey as a Research Associate, gaining a solid understanding of the industry and research methodologies.

Achievements/Awards at FIIB

Her achievements complement Yashi's remarkable journey during her time at FIIB:
- Star Performer of the Batch (2010-12) at FIIB Alumni Awards Night
- Gold medalist of FIIB Batch 2010-12
- FIIB Batch Topper of Marketing
- Co-Head of Strategy Club
- Graduate: FIIB Leadership Program 2012 (FLP)
- Constant recipient of FIIB Honor Roll Certificates
- Received R.K. Shrivastava Merit Scholarship at FIIB (2012)

Success and FIIB's Contribution

Acknowledging career path challenges, Yashi credits FIIB for playing a pivotal role in guiding her through dilemmas. The institution not only provided a solid foundation but also offered mentorship instrumental in her success. FIIB instilled confidence and belief in her abilities, making her resilient in the face of professional challenges.

Returning to FIIB as an Alumnus

Returning to FIIB in a different capacity was a gratifying experience for Yashi. Being on the other side of the stage, interacting with new batches, and receiving felicitations from her colleagues and juniors were proud moments. The bond with FIIB remains strong, and she eagerly anticipates every opportunity to return.

Qualities Imbibed at FIIB

FIIB's influence on Yashi is evident in transforming from a reserved and introverted individual to a more vocal, interactive, and confident professional. The institution provided the platform for her to express and blossom, shaping her into a more extroverted and assertive individual.

"FIIB has helped her build a foundation. At FIIB, she has found mentors for life. People she can always look up to in the worst and best of times."

Advice For Aspiring Professionals

Yashi's journey imparts valuable advice for aspiring professionals:
- Embrace continuous learning and adaptability.
- Cultivate dedication and resilience in your career.
- Seek mentorship and guidance from experienced individuals.
- Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone; it's where growth happens.
- Express yourself confidently, both professionally and personally.
- Understand the importance of building a solid foundation early in your career.
- Be receptive to challenges as they are opportunities for learning and growth.

These principles, drawn from Yashi's experiences, guide those aspiring to forge a successful path in the professional world.