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Learning Is A Journey That Never Stops

13,FEB 2024

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Alumni Connect
Deciding on the FIIB Alum of The Month is not an easy task. With so many talented Alumni who make a mark in the corporate world with each passing day, it is hard to pick just one every month. For November 2021, we congratulate Mr. Kundan Mishra for being the recipient of FIIB’s prestigious title, Alum of The Month! 

Take a look at his profile and let’s get inspired! 

Mr. Kundan Mishra currently working as an AVP, at HSBC Bank had some of the best days of his life during his MBA journey with FIIB. The faculty, and college environment added strength to his corporate experience. “The faculty’s efforts for our overall grooming touched me and PGDM is a stepping stone in an individual’s life” .Currently, he is doing extremely well in life and we were keen to learn about his management style. The following is what he suggests:
  • Keep your learning style flexible. Never be rigid with the team’s efforts.
  • With flexibility in learning style and leadership role, one can go further in all aspects. Remember this.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just a degree. Keep on improving and keep on learning each and every day.“
The higher one climbs the corporate ladder, the more complex theories one deals with. We asked him how to simplify the learnings and understandings of the same. He suggested “Never cram up things. Develop a passion for reading good books, case studies, and journals within yourself. MBA adds value to your knowledge, but there should be other certification courses that you must invest in after your MBA. To understand the concepts properly, try to devote your time to experiential learning.”

But no matter how many certified courses one has enrolled in, the volatility of the situations, both corporate and general, can throw one off balance. We were keen to know about his strategies to deal with the same and about his most significant learnings coming from the corporates. 

“There will always be an upstream and downstream in every job role. One should always be positive at a given point in time. As for gaining experience, one should not just focus on the daily role, instead explore the things and try to connect the dots.” When asked if he would like to give any suggestions to the institute, he said the following “Do not limit yourself. Learn every single day and be hungry to learn more! Always collaborate with your faculty, seniors, and juniors”