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Feel Confident About Yourself

13,FEB 2024

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His FIIB journey
Studying at FIIB, I knew that it was going to be an intellectually rigorous avenue that would lead me to my dreams for international businesses. I was excited to come to FIIB for many reasons, one of which was the sense of independence I gained, the control over how, when, and where I did what I wanted to do (except lectures, of course). Balance between my projects, assignments, and exams has been the most challenging part of my studies. As a result, I was often exhausted, but making weekly and monthly goals instead of daily ones helped me stay on track. As a member of the FIIB Alumni Committee for many years, it has been a truly rewarding experience. Overall, the journey at FIIB at that time was not easy, but I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful friends I made and the experiences I had. 

Amit on his leadership style
As the Chinese proverb goes, ‘the wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water molds itself to the pitcher’. Over the years, my leadership style has evolved, primarily agile and democratic, which better enables me to adapt to the changing business environment. By using this style, I was able to build trust and promote teamwork among my employees.  Moreover, now I coach students and juniors in Ireland & India and unlock their potential. So, this new coaching style helps me to connect their hearts and open doors for them. I believe that everyone has the power within themselves and as a coach, I give them a little direction to help them tap into their ability to achieve their full potential. 

Impact of PGDM on his career success
FIIB Founder R K Sir was a great entrepreneur and he believed that “The real purpose of education is to transform lives” Now I release and believe that is true.
Many people believe that if you get paid well and have a career that others dream of, you will become happy, fulfilled, and certainly successful. To me, career success is not just about money and companies or titles, but also about contributing to society and building networks to help one another. I believe your network is your net worth. Networking through FIIBains was the most rewarding part of my studies. I have been connected with my professors, seniors, juniors, and classmates.  After completing the PGDM course at FIIB, I pursued further study at NIFT, Delhi in International Fashion Retail Management. My career path led me to work with retailers in the USA, EMEA, and APAC. Therefore, I am happy, fulfilled, and delighted with my career choice, which has enabled me to coach students and freshmen, as well as contribute to society.

His biggest learnings from the corporates
Some of the learning that helped me to move ahead is #NeverStopLearning as I moved my career from retail business management to retail and e-commerce technology.
In addition, break the rules for the right reasons and solve the problems that matter most to you. I was open to a new career shift, so I chose to pursue a Master’s in Retail & E-commerce from Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) Ireland in 2018. I was awarded the gold medal for my thesis and master’s which helped me validate my assumptions and focus on creating value. All in all, the lesson is to find confidence in who you are. Invest time in building relationships and empowering others with your learnings.

Job role as a digital product manager
Currently, I work with global brands and retailers in the product management role where I manage the entire lifecycle of a digital product, from inception to launch, and the overall vision of the product for a successful launch. I am passionate about my roles as it helps me to leverage the potential of new technologies for retailers’ growing business and employment across countries. Moreover, I can use my range of soft and hard skills from the market, customer research, product management, retail & E-commerce business knowledge for IT product solutions and translating business needs into new products and opportunities.

A message for the FIIB Community 
I take this opportunity to request the entire FIIB family, to keep this valued association strong and steadfast, to help elevate the quality of FIIB academic programs. I believe that this will go a long way in ensuring constant improvements to the FIIB institution – our Alma Mater – and culminate in exemplary standards of education services to our present and past student community.

I am indeed happy to inform you that I am building the ‘FIIB Alumni International Network’ across the US, EUROPE, and UAE – to build a vibrant global alumni network, maintain endless relationships, and discover invaluable global alumni potential.  In addition, we have launched an Alumni Support Group in 2020 to provide emergency medical support, donations, and job referrals. FIIB management is therefore requested to support these initiatives. I take this opportunity to thank all of you once again from the depth of my heart. I look forward to continuing my involvement in the future as we strive together toward a new zenith of achievements for the FIIB family.