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A Seamless Transition From Actual To Virtual

13,FEB 2024

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Alumni Connect
Climbing the ladder of success is easier said than done. But with Mr Dipesh Jain it is not that difficult. In addition to his attention to detail and excellent people skills, he stands out from the crowd. He recently joined Elevation Capita as an AVP – Talent Acquisition. We were keen to know about his journey and the HRs’ perspective after the pandemic.  

About his PGDM journey:
He achieved one milestone after another with razor-sharp intelligence. He divided PGDM knowledge into two parts. First, during natural circumstances, and then as a result of Covid’s volatility. “The curriculum and activities have significantly helped me in understanding the daily whereabouts of the corporate world. It has been a useful and good value addition to my career.” His interaction with the faculty and industry people during his PGDM days and while being in the corporate world respectively has helped him to step ahead in his career significantly. 

HR trends:
We are neither at the core of the pandemic nor have we fully recovered. It was good to get an update about the latest HR trends from the alumnus. He said, “HR as a general has evolved since March 2020. With due course of time both the employers and employees realized that things have to go on and virtual interactions are the new normal.!” No doubt, HR’s role during this phase has been very crucial. They are the point of contact with every function and stakeholder, so ensuring a smooth transition from the actual to the virtual mode has been a challenge and HRs across organizations have overcome these challenges so gracefully! 

Recruitment after the pandemic:
“The ecosystem demands physical presence. This new normal has been so good that even though the rectangles of the screen, trust flourished in between the recruitment team and the candidates!“ says Dipesh. 
Post-pandemic, the talent acquisition team looks at these things:

As per him, a couple of generic things are always there and now a few parameters the TA people are emphasizing on are:
  • Cultural background to weigh whether one is a fit/misfit for the organization.
  • Accountability which gives a clear picture of the ‘understanding of the ownership senses 
  • Agility – how much hustle one can take up if one will be shifted to some other department, especially during any ambiguity phase. 

Dipesh’s philosophy 
He believes that one must try his/her hands on everything. Experience different fields as that will highlight what one is good at and what one requires to improve. He added “There are certain pillars I believe in that one needs to have a lot of perseverance irrespective of what level of competition happens outside. There is no substitute for hard work so one needs to be at it continuously. Also, one must upgrade the self to be desirable to the corporates. Lastly, have patience and keep your composure especially during the toughest of hours. The latest page-turner that motivated him 
“I recently picked up ‘Mindset: Changing The Way You Think To Fulfil Your Potential by Carol Dweck. I have just started with it and already find it interesting and I believe that one’s mindset contributes hugely to one’s growth.”