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Give Your Best In Everything You Do

13,FEB 2024

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Alumni Connect
The presence of students from throughout the country at FIIB lifts its spirits and makes it more motivated to contribute to the welfare of the students. With each passing year, the students are becoming more market sound and getting placed in organizations that lead the market. Suraj Singh is one such student. Currently, this young professional works with Wipro as a Management Trainee. Let us know more from him. 

His FIIB Journey
“Everything was virtual. Still, the experienced and supportive faculty made sure to connect with us in amazing ways. All the activities and events went on smoothly and learned a lot”

Role of PGDM In His Career
Suraj says “As I am from Nepal, I only had theoretical knowledge. I never got a chance to up-skill myself. FIIB was the place where I could upskill myself with practical implications. Some of the contributions to my career success and personal development are as follows:
  • Class presentation
  • Organizing events
  • Team projects
  • Internship
  • Get a chance to listen from corporate experts
  • Networking
  • Allocating faculty mentors

His Success Mantra 
He has a clear vision. He believes in going with the minute details like choosing his goal and then building upon the same.”Without a plan, life takes us nowhere. The next thing is passion, based on which I made sure to make the most of a given opportunity.” During his bachelor’s degree, he was an Accounting and Finance tutor. He enjoyed teaching those subjects. Sprouting from the same he decided to get a job in the field of Finance and Accounting with a renowned company. “So having a goal with a good measure of passion is my mantra for success!”

His Message for The Institute 
“I want to thank FIIB for allowing me and the rest of the students to ask numerous questions without judging us and for having the ‘growth mindset’ with us. You all are extremely caring and your training qualities are unique!” He believes that students succeed when students feel the freedom to imagine and get an institute’s trust. He has been happy with all the departments in the college for taking its students to the next level. “Without the teacher’s guidance and support, I wouldn’t be where I am. I want to thank all my professors and my faculty mentor for their patience and for creating an environment where all the students are free to express their thoughts and share their experiences.”