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Faculty Spotlight: Dr Sakshi Kathuria

02,APR 2024

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Faculty Insights
The FIIB Faculty Spotlight series will shine a light on the faculty behind the success of FIIB MBA. The individuals instructing, guiding, and facilitating each module draw upon their academic expertise, extensive research background, and practical business experience to enrich the learning environment. The individuals instructing, guiding, and facilitating each module draw upon their academic expertise, extensive research background, and practical business experience to enrich the learning environment.

This week we meet Dr Sakshi Kathuria, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Head of Marketing Communications at FIIB - a voice that echoes beyond the classrooms at FIIB. With a multidimensional research portfolio and dedication to advancing marketing knowledge, Dr Kathuria has been guiding students through their academic and professional endeavours empowering them to explore their interests, develop critical skills, and engage in impactful research projects. As a researcher and mentor, she inspires students to reach their full potential, leaving a lasting imprint on their academic and professional journeys.

Q. Where did you attend for your Master's before coming to FIIB, and what was the focus of your Ph.D. research?

I completed my Master's Degree in Marketing at Hansraj College, Delhi University. My PhD research focused on the influence of social media in shaping tourist preferences. 

Q. What areas of research do you focus on and why?

My research interests primarily revolve around Consumer Behavior. It extends to diverse areas such as blockchain, emerging technologies, sustainability, and tourism. I am drawn to these interdisciplinary topics because they represent critical areas of innovation and transformation in today's global landscape. Exploring the implications of blockchain technology, emerging technologies, and sustainability initiatives on consumer behaviour allows me to delve into cutting-edge research that addresses industry challenges and societal needs.

Q. What module do you teach and what do you hope the cohort take away from it?

As a faculty member at FIIB, I teach courses designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and skills across various aspects of marketing. These include Marketing Management, Advanced Marketing Management, and Consumer Behavior & Insights.

Furthermore, as the program progresses, I focus on enhancing students' employability through specialized training sessions and domain refresher courses. My overarching goal is to ensure that students gain a holistic understanding of marketing principles, advanced strategies, and consumer behaviour dynamics, equipping them with the necessary tools and insights to succeed in their careers and make informed decisions in today's competitive business environment.

Q. How do you make your pedagogy unique for better student engagement and outcomes?

I believe in making learning enjoyable and engaging, inspiring students to return with enthusiasm. Learning involves challenging existing beliefs and supporting them with meaningful reasoning. As a knowledge guardian, I use experiential activities and games to enliven the theoretical aspects of our courses, particularly real-life case studies and role scenarios. I always leverage a collaborative approach for better interdisciplinary exposure to students. My students recently had a session on Unpacking Emotions for Effective Management through Improv theatre. The aim is to bring concepts to life, allowing students to explore and develop their knowledge actively and impactfully.

Q. Why would you recommend doing an MBA at FIIB?

I wholeheartedly recommend pursuing an MBA at FIIB for many compelling reasons. Firstly, our institution boasts an industry-ready curriculum meticulously crafted in consultation with industry experts. This ensures our students have the latest knowledge and skills that today's dynamic business landscape demands.

Moreover, FIIB provides a nurturing and inclusive environment where students can academically and personally thrive. Our emphasis on personalized mentorship and holistic growth ensures that every student receives individualized attention and support throughout their academic journey.

Additionally, FIIB offers abundant opportunities for networking, collaboration, and experiential learning, allowing students to gain practical insights and real-world exposure. Our dedicated faculty members are passionate professionals deeply invested in our student's success, providing unwavering mentorship and guidance at every turn. Pursuing an MBA at FIIB promises a transformative academic experience, a supportive community, and unparalleled professional and personal development opportunities.

Q. What should we expect from the future of business and work?

In the future of business and work, we can anticipate a continued evolution driven by technological advancements, globalization, and shifting societal values. This will likely bring about new challenges and opportunities, including the need for agile and adaptable business models, a focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and an emphasis on digital literacy and innovation. Individuals and organizations must embrace change, cultivate resilience, and continuously seek opportunities for growth and improvement.

Q. If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

If given the opportunity, I would have dinner with Elon Musk. As an icon of modern innovation, Elon Musk's technological breakthroughs, particularly in electric vehicles and space exploration, have revolutionized industries. His visionary ideas about the future and commitment to addressing humanity's most pressing challenges through technological advancement intrigue me. 


So! Get ready for a lightning round of questions and get a glimpse into your FIIB favorites in a flash.

Q. Your favourite spot on campus?

The FIIB porch, with its iconic "I LOVE FIIB" selfie point, is definitely my favorite spot on campus. It's not just a place for capturing memories but also a symbol of the vibrant spirit and sense of community at FIIB.

Q. Favourite FIIB tradition you wait for?

Gong Ceremony! The ceremony goes beyond merely a celebration; it stands as a powerful symbol of recognition and accomplishment at FIIB, resonating with FIIB's academic culture.

Q. Your favourite dish at the FIIB Cafeteria?

I usually like to munch on poha and chai during my breaks.

Q. What class would you dream to attend at FIIB?

If given the chance, Dr. Kokil Jain's lecture on brand communications would be a must-attend for me.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Faculty Spotlight series!