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TEDxFIIB 5.0: Inspiring Dialogue and Collective Growth in 'Brave Conversations'

05,MAR 2024

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FIIB Successfully Hosted 5th Edition of TEDxFIIB

New Delhi, 02 March '24- Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB), New Delhi, successfully hosted its fifth edition of TEDxFIIB in the Ishwar Dayal Auditorium on 2nd March 2024. Themed "Brave Conversations: Navigating Difficult Dialogues," the day-long conference featured engaging talks from diverse speakers, including eminent personalities, faculty, and students, captivating the audience with their insights and experiences.

The journey of TEDxFIIB began in 2018 with a simple idea: to conduct the event for the students of FIIB, New Delhi, under the theme ‘Embracing the Empowered Self.' The latest installment, 'Brave Conversations: Navigating Difficulties,' decoded the secrets to confronting challenges, embracing the unknown, and finding the courage to move forward, even when the path seems daunting. The event commenced with a powerful address by Prof. Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director of FIIB, setting the tone for the day. Prof. Radhika showcased the extraordinary journey of TEDxFIIB from its inception in 2018 to a vibrant tapestry of 'ideas worth spreading' in 2024. Her emphasis on the transformative power of ideas resonated deeply with the audience, setting the stage for a day of exploration and enlightenment.

The panel of distinguished speakers at the TEDxFIIB event included Dr. Gunwant Singh Mongia, Chairman and MD of Mongia Steel Limited, who captivated the audience with his vision for disrupting the not-for-profit business space. He emphasized the importance of community development alongside business growth, showcasing a well-researched plan that could revolutionize nonprofit practices in India and beyond.

Biswajeet Jha, a Social Worker, Social Entrepreneur, and Author, then took the audience on a journey of self-discovery and service. Leaving behind a corporate career, Jha's initiatives, including free schools and football academies for underprivileged children in West Bengal, showcased the power of dedication and compassion in creating meaningful change. The stage was then graced by Pukhraj Joneja, CEO of Udaan India, who embodied servant leadership and commitment to excellence. With credentials from prestigious institutions, Joneja emphasized the importance of holistic growth and personal development in achieving success.

Chitra Zutshi, known as "The Girl on Wheels," shared her inspiring story of overcoming challenges in a paraplegic condition. Her resilience and determination, evident in accomplishments such as completing a 10K Marathon and being a finalist for Harley Davidson's World's Best Job contest, inspired the audience to embrace adversity and strive for greatness.

Dr. Ehteshaam Waquarib, an IPS Officer from the Jharkhand Cadre, then shed light on his impactful work in combating naxalism and human trafficking. His dedication to public service and tireless efforts in upholding justice left a lasting impression on the audience. Niraj Gera, a Social Activist and Founder Chairman of Humanify Foundation, brought attention to menstruation stigma through his powerful photo series, "Sacred Stains." His advocacy for women's rights and empowerment sparked intellectual conversations on gender equality and social justice.

The event also featured collaborative efforts by Nirupama Subramanian and S. Venkatesh, who discussed strategies for empowering marginalized communities. Through their insightful dialogue, they highlighted the importance of unity and solidarity in creating positive change. Pritiman Sarkar, Senior Vice President at SBICard, an alumnus of FIIB, shared his challenging journey during the COVID era, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing connections over conventional necessities.

Among others who took the center stage were Iytha Mallikarjuna, a Social Entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of IDEA, who highlighted the importance of inclusivity and empowerment in entrepreneurship, Dr. Sakshi Kathuria, Assistant Professor at FIIB, who advocated for breaking the silence on issues like dowry and empowering women. Her brave conversations inspired the audience to stand up for themselves and pave the way for positive change. Anoushika Verma, a PGDM student at FIIB, shared her transformative experiences from an introverted individual to a confident scholar and emphasized the importance of honest communication through journal writing. Her insights resonated with many, sparking conversations on self-acceptance and understanding.

In addition to the thought-provoking talks, the event showcased short performances for entertainment purposes. These included Melodic Mastery, a magic act, an orchestral presentation, and rhythmic fusion. These performances added a touch of creativity and enjoyment to the event, providing attendees with moments of relaxation and delight amidst the intellectually stimulating discussions.

As the event concluded, the auditorium was brimming with energy and excitement, and attendees were left inspired and motivated to embark on their own journeys of change and empowerment. The insightful talks, coupled with the captivating aura of the event and the active engagement of the audience, created a powerful platform for futuristic thinking and the exchange of ideas. The FIIB fraternity played a pivotal role in organizing this remarkable event, ensuring its smooth execution and contributing to its overall impact.

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